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Re: Can rich Christians go to heaven according to the bible?

Originally Posted by Nakaichiro View Post
I love it.

This simple truth should completely reveal that religion is just a farce. God would not have different qualifying criteria depending on the the sect of Christianity that you belonged to.
2 Rich men, equally devoted to God, get to the pearly gates; God is not going to let one in because he was taught under the baptist faith and the other gets denied because he was not. God, if he is real, would have but one opinion on the matter, if he even had an opinion on something as trivial as wealth. I actually don't believe that God would even care about something that is purely a human creation. Why on earth would he have an opinion about wealth?

Although the theology of greed vs money is the correct answer to the direct question. I just thought that I would point out how obviously human the opinion of material possessions actually is.
Religion is rife with human opinion on human matters and human creations. Maybe God just cares for you to live your life, love the people in it, care for your family and friends and that is it (Live a good life). Why nitpick about not giving the beggar on the corner a few coins? Who is that beggar to you? Where does the line get drawn about which beggar you should give money to and which you should not. If you must give to everyone then you will be the beggar to someone else. If I split my paycheck with 10 people and 6 of those blow it on booze, casinos and whores; then what the hell was the point?

Its all just a self righteous opinion of the clergyman of the past, nothing more.
Why don't you argue for atheism in the religion thread. This is about the Bible. You don't have to be a Christian to argue (see me). This thread assumes you know the Bible and respect Christianity. You don't have to, but when you write in this thread you should probably write in that mindset.

Regardless of what you are trying to do in this world, you need money and a fair bit of it. If God's work requires money, it makes sense that He would need some of his people to have that money. Supporting God's work is why any Christian would "need" to be rich.
Does God's work really require money. First off, look at the early church. They were practically the first communists. That is what Christians should be doing according to the Bible.

Being rich does not advance God's work. You may say that one would earn money to give it away, but one could just give away nearly all of it and keep working. A guy who runs a huge company could donate most of his money to charity, but then he wouldn't be rich. Possessing material wealth does not advance the kingdom. Being able to earn it may, but storing it in your bank account does not.
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