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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

lol, because it has been out for a while, the movie has moved onto the "cheap seats" AKA "cinema city"
they are super cheap theaters that play movies that have moved on from the big expencive theaters.
they make their money off of the out rageously priced snacks, even more outrageous than the big theaters.

tight arse tuesdays at "ciniplex silver city" (the bigest most expensive theater in winnipeg) is 10 dollars with FREE medium pop corn and a drink.

so every friday night i volunteer with youth ranging in age from 13-18

tonight we played a game where 4 children come up to the front, and sit behind an empty bucket. (the stage is covered in plastic)
we then give the kids an alka seltzer tablet and some seven up.
they put both in their mouth and who ever holds it the longest wins.

i was taking pictures so in order to get some close up shots of the kids almost throwing up, even though i was wearing one of my lolita dresses, i put on a garbage bag

this was all good until stephany and julie came on stage.

now, since the "youth retreat" where i made them obey the rules... and out did them when we went hiking (in another lolita dress and high healed boots) they have been pretty unhappy with me.

just as i had expected, once julie had let enough fome build up in her mouth, she prettended to be choking and spat it all over me, and the two people behind me.

of course everyone laughed pretty hard, as well as I, cause it was pretty funny.

but her plan back fired when i didn't get angry.
people were swarming around me
one guy congratulated me and shook my hand.

i took my garbage bag off and went to the washroom to wash the sticky stuff off my arm, when i heard the stephie and julie in the room outside
julie: "that was hillarious"
stephie: "yeah, i'm totally putting that on facebook tonight."

of course they opened the door and stopped dead in their tracks

"oh, she's in here" said stephie, "because you spat on her."

"Hi." I said, trying to sound pleasant

"Did you get any on you?" julie asked

"a little, i think the people behind me got more." I answered

"Oh... good thing you were wearing that bag." Stephany replied.

"Yes, i kind of thought something like that might happen. i'm fine, but are you ok julie? that looked really unpleasant." I asked politely

They were both to suprised to answer at first
"i'm good." julie eventually answered

I left but stood at the door for a second to hear them say, "What the hell, it didn't work!"

messing with their heads is fun.

TL;DR: some kids spat alka seltzeer and pop all over me, but instead of getting mad, i became the centre of attention.

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