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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

lol, kanga

i can't bribe him with the brownies, i made them for him and his friends at theri guys only thing tomorrow #>.<#
i can try to use zero, good point

plus doug is impervious to... everything.

once i told him "if you don't do [insert task] i'm so going to dump you."
he said, "No you're not."
"Why not?" I questioned
"because i'm to awesome."

oh, and the other day, doug complemented one of my lolita dresses and i said thank you and explaned that i was always worried that he was embarassed about being seen with me while i'm in one, because i get a fair amount of funny looks.

he said, "Oh, no, i love them. i thought maybe you'd be embarassed being with me."
I was confused... "Why? because you dress like a slob?"
Doug answered, "No, because i'm so awesome."
I had to ask, "What?"
He them replied, witha big smile, "People don't understand me, becasue i'm so awesome, so they think i'm weird."

yeah, um, doug is pretty self-reliant/egotistical.
threats don't work
black mail, no
bribes, only sometimes, but he'd never do somehting he doesn't want to just to get something.

i love him ^_^

OH memebers can select to be in the oh group and have red names, it's in your user control panel.

@Joe: well, some of the members are still sensative about the name tom. i personally don't care, but, being canadian and a woman, i'm the peace keeping type, and wolul preffer that everyone was comfortable, if it doesn't inconvenience me.

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