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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

You mean perfectly reasonable laws.

you should read up on some of the funny laws in canada, although i personally find some of the ones form the states funnier

for instance, it is illegal to drive barefoot (both in canada and the US)

I don't want people driving any car I might have to drive in one of my many GTA-style carjackings barefoot. There's a risk I might have to dive into the car, rub my face on the pedal, and get face veruccas. Not cool.

it is illegal to sell your eye(US)

Reasonable. There's a been a spate of un-manly dudes selling their eyes in order to aquire a badass eyepatch and make up and even more badass story to go with it. This is lying, and a disgrace to true manly cyclopian beings everywhere.

in some states it is illegal to keep a pregnant pig in cage (US)

There's a risk the owner made the pig pregnant. I'd rather the pig pregnant with the man-boar child have a chance to escape, rather than be subjected to further bestial abuse while caged up. Because if there's one thing sicker than a man with a hunchback fucking a pig, it's a man with a hunchback fucking a pregnant pig.

in Nova Scotia, Canada, it is illegal to water yoru lawn while it is raining

That's just to catch out dumbshits, which is an excellent legal perogative.

It is illegal to pay for anything over 50 cents with only pennies (Canada)

No-one wants to waste time counting pennies. Shit, I throw those little fuckers away sometimes.

In alberta, canada, wooden logs may not be painted.

I don't want to start building my glorious Solid Gold Woodcutter's Shack and find out I've been sold painted, regular wood. What kind of Lumberjack Pimp has a painted gold house?

also in alberta it is law that when youa re released from jail you must be given a gun,
bullet and a horse, so you can leave town (obviously they don't abide by this law

That's fucking badass, but also, fucking stupid. But all the best ideas are.

in the capitol city of my fine province it is illegal to strike the sidewalks with anything metal

Instigated in 1967 after the city got fucking sick of superheroes fighting giant robots and causing massive collateral damage.

In alabama it is illegal for someone driving a vehicle to be blindfolded

Well, that's fairly obvious. However, it has also meant that the TMNT have had to invest in tinted windows for the Turtle Van, due to being repeatedly wrongly pulled over, like Jay-Z insists he is. He also declared that he had 99 problems, although I'm sure it was only about 46, even including all the jobs he had builders doing on his kitchen, and they were being fucking slow about it.
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