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Re: 478 Spoilers


CHAPTER 478 Izanagi

Illusions or reality? Maybe there is no difference.


Danzo: Uchiha Itachi?

Madara: Oh? Isn't that quite the twist?

Karin: What's going on? Did Sasuke catch everyone in the area in
a genjutsu?1 It couldn't be

Itachi: ... It seems I misjudged the outcome

Madara: Heh? Itachi's chakra took over Sasuke

Danzo: So I was right... you possess the fourth Mangekyo jutsu!

Madara: Itachi, Itachi... I had no idea you managed to master it...

Madara/Danzou: The Izanagi!

Itachi: Danzo, you must back off now

Danzo: ......


(In Naruto's subconciousness)
Naruto: This place? I'm here again... Why do you call me Kyuubi?!

???: Naruto... I need to tell something to you..

Naruto: What? Who's there?

Itachi: your actions from here on out will decide the
future of my brother and of th leaf village

Naruto: What do you mean?

Itachi: I have put one final fail safe on sauske, in case everything else fails

Naruto: ....

Itachi: The Izanagi

Naruto: "Izanagi"? What are you talking about?

Itachi: It's a fourth Jutsu that the mangekyo can awaken.

Itachi: Izanagi is not a normal ability... It's a transference jutsu

Naruto:... Transference?

Itachi: With the Izanagi, one could put onto others their knowledge, their power and ultimately even their own selves.

(Back with Danzo and Co.)

Danzo:... as such, it could even be said as a rudimentary form of immortality.

(Back with Naruto and Itachi)

I have transferred part of my being into both you ans Sasuke. but on entirely different conditions. Naruto, I believe you may be the last person who can get Sasuke back from the endless path of hatred.

Naruto: I'd like to believe that too... but...

Itachi: However...

(Back to Danzo & Co.)

Karin: What's happening!? Sasuke's chakra is gradually disappearing!

(Back to Naruto)

Itachi: Should Sasuke stay on that path... eventually my Izanagi will take him over completely and "Sasuke" will cease to exist.


*there is some fighting between Itachi and Danzo*

Danzo: Kuh!

Itachi: That arm... you can create perfect optical illusions by using those Sharingan

Itachi: and then somehow you solidify them.. one could say that you turn the illusions into reality

Danzo: Impressive analysis... however..

Itachi: However

Danzo: !!?

Itachi: I missed on thing didn't I I save the best for last

Danzo: Tch!

*a bunch of crows attack danzo*

Itachi: If all the eyes close, your illusion shatters, its a huge flaw and...

*itachi's bunshin stabs danzo from behind*

Itachi: I know exactly where you are

Madara: Well! Isn't this entertaining!!

Danzo: Hmph... I may have underestimated you

Itachi: ??

*The Bunshin of Itachi's Poofs*

Danzo: Izanagi... that jutsu will be mine!

*Danzo takes off the eye bandages*

*Madara Jumps in*

Madara: That... I cannot allow

Madara prepares to take action!!

NEXT: Crossroads


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