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Re: 478 Spoilers

source : 2ch
credit : ID:LNkbXZGv0
verification : pending
478 イタチ現る
イタチがダンゾウの口の中に入っていき破裂。と思ったらうずくまっている だけで、
するとまたイタチが口の中に入っていきダンゾウごと爆発。またさっきの場 面で、
マダラ「ほう月読か。イタチが与えた天照の瞳力に加え、炎遁にこれか、、 、」
サスケ目を押さえ苦しそう、するとそこにダンゾウクナイで斬りかかってく る。
サスケギリギリかわす。マダラ「なるほどな。やつも車輪眼の、十尾の眼の秘密に気付い たか。」
「車輪眼を経絡系と繋ぎ移植すると移植者にその人間の生命が宿る。角都の術はこれを応 用し六道仙人が作り上 げたものだ。」
イタチ、ナルトにサスケ・マダラを倒して欲しいから出てきた。一族の歴史に終止符を打 って欲し いと、
九尾の人柱力は今まで歴史上一人もおらず、理由は六道仙人が十尾割ったとき最初に半分 にした尾獣で普通尾獣 の5倍のチャクラ
のためでかすぎてコントロール出来ないため、また四代目が半分にした理由はそれである と。
九尾のチャクラは十尾のチャクラの本質でありこの力があればスサノオ、月読、マダラの 未知の力破れると言う 。
ヤマトが六道仙人やそれらの伝記などは信じられないと言うと、事実だと言い、コントロ ールの仕方はと聞くと 、
木遁、沸遁、氷遁、金遁、仙術と万華特有の術、輪廻眼、死神や魔神を使った術、は六道 仙人の術でそのため尾 獣のチャクラ制御できると言う。

google trans, I know it sucks :-

478 現Ru weasel
Dan pinch weasel to the emergence of an elephant! ?
Weasel "family grudge, feel, and dare outraged"
Danzou "!"
Iki burst inside of the mouth of the elephant Dan weasel. If you think just by crouching,
Dan Iki each elephant explosion inside your mouth and then weasel. And like the aforementioned situations,
Weasels "Taste 8 million it now"
Dan Nde elephant fall.
Spotted "or better Tsukuyomi. In addition to the power of Amaterasu gave ferret eyes, or that the fire Myongjigeogari,,,"
Hold your eyes painfully Sasuke Danzoukunai get in there then take the sword.
Sasukegirigiri dodge. Spotted "and see.'s Eyes and wheel him, I realized the secret of the eye or tail 10."
"Human life that dwells in the transplant recipient and transplant system and meridians to the eyes stitching wheels. Art of making capital on the beam angle is also applied to the deities of this hermit
It. "
"Oh, something like that, but I survived and thanks to this secret."
Kakashi, Naruto the fear 自失 Yamatonaruto 茫然. There from a frog's mouth,
Naruto "I said Honey, when was shelved."
The frog says, someone was kicked out. Weasels and soon appeared.一同 surprised.
Barrage of questions all the weasels. Weasel in "all truth."
Weasels have been knocked out of the Madara wants Sasuke to Naruto. Ito wanted to hit an end to the history of the family,
Force-nine-tails did not sacrifice a single person ever in history, usually in the tail of the beast because the beast is the tail of the first half of the tail when divided by 5 times 10 deities of the Immortals
Detective for not too much to control, half the reason is also that the fourth generation.
Susanoo-nine-tails chakra is essential if this power is the chakra of the tail 10, Tsukuyomi, said unknown forces spotted lose.
Biography other deities of the Yamato and hermits, and they say I can not believe, saying it is true, and ask how to control and
Myongjigeogari wood, Myongjigeogari boiling, Myongjigeogari ice, Myongjigeogari gold, art and Wanhua 仙術 unique, eye Rinne, Death and the Devil with the surgery, the tail of the beast Chac so deities of the art of hermits
LA say they can control.
Frog and Conclusion conversation to say the nine tails and Naruto.

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