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Re: 478 Spoilers

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
^ Say what?
I am not really sure but :-

*There is talk of the Jyuubi and how the Sharingan and Rinnegan are connected to it and past work that has been done to build up preparation for the release of the Jyuubi and a little more history into the Jyuubi and how the Sage of the six paths split it up

* Genjutsu from Itachi .

*Ten wheel eyes. I think this refers to Danzo's Sharingan. There are 10 of them. 5 on the outside of his arm and 5 on the inside.

*Explaination of danzou's technique. The persons life is tied to the Sharingan arms through the chakra. So its a life exchange jutsu. I think its sort of like Kakuzu execpt with eyes.

*Something about frog key and Kyuubi's cage.
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