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Re: 479 Predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by freedom07 View Post
it was also clear as day when sasuke fired the kirin its not snowing where they are...if anything the whether affects the power of kirin not whether it can activate.

the best way to beat susanoo is to wait till user gets ms backlash, which will be pretty soon, next chapt i think
if sasuke doesnt end it then he will be unconscious...
Ignoring the fact that heat alone a storm will 'almost' never make (FLORIDAAAA), There's snow everywhere. Clear as day with out snow or anything on the ground is different from Snow all over the ground. Clear as day, there's already some water vapor in the air, as well as water in plants and such around. Snow? All the water is on the ground as snow. Even if Sasuke went ahead and melted the snow to evaporate it, causing a lot of moisture to go into the air:

1. Sasuke's ability to comprehend 'tactics' at this point is nowhere near the point where he'd figure out that he could do it anyway.

2. It would take hours if not DAYS to stir a storm. If anything, cooling down the air would cause a storm faster than heating it up, and Sasuke can't do the former with Katon or Raiton.

3. The weather most certainly effects the technique, if there isn't a storm, he can't use it at all. It's a one use only tech because using it makes the storm go away altogether, which clearly also shows that its power stems entirely FROM the storm.
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