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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I'll agree that weight lifting is kinda boring. But it's the best way to increase strength. And increasing strength means you can kick more ass. So it's worth doing.

Treadmills/ellipticals/stationary bikes are also pretty useful depending on what you're trying to do. For example, anaerobic endurance training (read: BATTLING ENDURANCE) can be done with a high level of efficiency on stationary exercise machines. Especially compared to running some course somewhere.

Though, running is also pretty boring as far as I'm concerned. And I only do strength and conditioning training to amplify batting ability. And those both have diminishing returns anyway in most cases. While technique training doesn't, making it the most useful thing to devote time too. Also, it's the most mentally stimulating aspect of working towards being able to kick a shit ton of asses. Making it, arguably, the most enjoyable thing as well.

I'm assuming that our goal is to kick ass, of course. Since we're men. For little sissy baby dongs it might be more enjoyable to listen to hansen on your ipod while jogging down rainbow avenue while wearing multicolored bike shorts. Fags.
Running is only boring if you don't run anywhere. I am talking like at the minimum an hour run. There is something cool about viewing the world with just yourself as opposed to viewing it in some vehicle.

I don't listen to my iPod while running anymore. I have on with a hard disk and apparently it wears out quicker when you run with it. My last one broke because of that.

i just want my ass to be nicer
Before and after pics plz.
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