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Re: Create your own plot twist

I got a couple but I'm going to post them separately. A bit of forewarning, I'm into world building.

Major Plot Twist #1 (Most of the plot twists branch from here.

So we know Naruto's world is very young, the time of the Sage of the Six Paths was anywhere from 200- 1000 years ago by my thinking. My twist is that across the seas there is an older world that grew without Ninjutsu and do not posess any knowledge of chakra as Naruto's world knows it. This world is driven by and ruled by a)money and b) the church so it is an imitation of our world. They call their main city "The City of Light" and the underground is often referred to collectively as "The City of Darkness".

They do have a kind of "jutsu" controlled by the church and an underground group which is secretly an arm of the church. This is only known by high church leaders and the leader of the undergound. To outsiders and the public they are fierce rivals. The "jutsu" they posess is a kind of pure annihilation style which is much like Deva Pain's techniques but on a much smaller scale and users are called "priests" even if they are part of the underground. The most skilled priests might manage to destroy a small village but they would be exhausted for the better part of a week. There are also extremely rare users of the creation style. A user of this style can transform virtually anything into life energy and is the ultimate healer. An extremely talented user of such a style can recover instantly from wounds and recover stamina by changing and absorbing elements of their environment. There are limits to this use both biologically and mentally. Another factor is that the biological differences between the old world people and the people of Naruto's world mean that techniques such as genjutsu and certain ninjutsu and dojutsu that rely on manipulation of internal chakra are nearly impossiple. The old world people are also hard to detect as the majority would seem to have near zero chakra.
Naruto's world is the result of a mixture of barely intelligent natives and people expelled from the old world.

Sub Plot Twist #1-
Just as the various factions in Naruto's world prepare to fight each other an advance military group from the old world arrives and with great cost to whichever country they land in all are killed. From their remains and some old scrolls the past comes to light and the conclusion is drawn that the old world is trying to either reunite the worlds or destroy them. Well it goes on from there.

Sub Plot Twist # 2- Next Post, inlcudes a new main character!
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