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Internet test

Yesterday my cousin,who are in a primary school,called and asked me to help her on some internet test they gave her at school and she can't solve it. They don't teach them about computers and internet in school,They just give them tests that they have to solve relying on there common knowledge. So i was like "lolol yeah i'll totally solve that in like 3 sec" but when she told me the questions i was confuzzled. I mean it was so easy that it's actually difficult because there is so many stuff you can fit as an answer,but which?

Write the scientific term :-

1- Means that we can look for any files available to be seen by anyone with the internet connection.

2- Sending and receiving messages electronically. (will duh,e-mail)


1- ........means that through links you can move from website to another easily.

2- website you can move from website to another only.
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