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Re: Uzumaki Hatake Nila Saga, a Naruto Epilogue.

Naruto fan-fictional epilog story by ShiverX
- enjoy -

Part 1: The past and the future.

Chapter 1: The mysterious awakening:

"Shhh" this is what she thought, to the extent she actually formed her lips to the sound.
The silence was proof more than anything that there was something amiss.
Normally you would hear the bugs of the night or the distant sound of animals and people moving around, even at night. Many would consider Konoha to be a quiet village but it was not always so. And Nila often thought that it might be because of it's more "active" past that it never seemed to be completely silent. She could not remember one day in her entire fifteen year old life when she had heard total silence. The thought amused her and annoyed her at the same time. She loved to let her mind wonder but it was the same tendency that often got her into trouble. It was the same reason why she was still not Jounin. And there she went again!

Nila snapped out of her thoughts and focused on the sounds of the night, or the lack of them. Total silence. She could hear her self breathing while she sneaked up out of bed and up to the window. She opened the panels and peeked out. Outside the village was dark, no lights was shining like they used to, was there a power outage? She could still see quite clear though as the stars and the moon shone very brightly above. As she looked up towards the moon her eyes caught a glimpse of something red. She turned her head and there was something she had never seen in her life. A red meteor was burning through the atmosphere, or thats what she thought it was at least. She had only read about it in books.
Her eyes wide taking in this sight she felt somewhat drowsy. Letting the panels drop she backed into the room and sat down on the bed again, her head filled with ideas.

A second later she was up and filling her kit-pack with needful things. Kuenei, scroll, some provisions her flute and some other tools.
She slowly opened the door and snuck out, focusing her chakra on her feet to step lightly as to not awaken mom and dad. She came to the stairs leading down to the first floor. She could hear the faint sound of someone breathing heavy. "Good, dad is asleep" she thought and jumped up on the side wall focusing chakra to hold her in place. Sneaking down and up to the door of their bedroom while hanging from the sealing Nila watched the slight opening leading into her parents room. They were both asleep. She smiled and continued to sneak away past the kitchen and to the front door. She made a hand-sign as she dropped to the floor producing wind-chakra under her feet softening the sound as she landed. It still made some sound though and she made a face as she sat perfectly still waiting to hear if someone woke up. Her parents had always been light sleepers in regards to her sneaking out. "Well, her mom at least" she thought. During the years she had gotten quite good at it. It was never to go out and do bad stuff or meet boys or anything like that that many of the other girls her age were doing, she imagined at least. No, she had always been a bit "awake" at night and just loved roaming the nature around Konoha. It calmed her and she often slept outside, to her parent's dislike. There she went again drifting away in thought from what she had to focus on.
She sighed. It seemed no one was awake still. She took her cloak, the dark one, and sneaked out closing the door real silent behind her.

Outside she looked around at the now dark village. The moon was shining brightly and at the hight were their house stood overlooking the village she could see far around. Above her was the big bright red meteor falling and burning. Now when being outside she was consumed by the image. Her eyes wide she couldn't take her eyes of it. It was so close....and silent. In fact she heard nothing at all, it was unreal. Standing like that for some time she lost track of time as the meteor spread across the sky. It was so close she could se it move at quite a speed. Following it's path it neared the mountain monoliths of old that hovered over Konoha looking down and for ever watching over the villagers. The stone depiction of the past and present Hokages. She stopped for a moment at her fathers face. It looked really young compared to now but still the likeness was uncanny. It even bore a somewhat goofy look with that grin it had. She had always found it funny how her goofy father could actually be the Hokage. She new he was strong but sometimes he really didn't fit the description. She admired and loved her father but as a daughter it was hard seeing the very respected and even feared man in him.
The seventh Hokage huh. She glanced at the face before and looked upon another face. More gloomy and spiky haired. He had only been Hokage for a short time but he was handsome. She blushed a little at the thought. She was not normally one to think such thoughts.

Her wandering mind was interrupted by a boom and a green flash! The meteor had shifted color and was rapidly speeding up, descending! She stood up and made a hand sign.
"Byakugan!" she exclaimed and her inherited eyes kicked in. She focused her eyes on the meteor and was immediately blinded by the green flames. She couldn't see past the flames! They were some sort of chakra it seemed. With her eyes she could follow the path it took in it's decent though. Noticing where it went down behind the tree's far away she took out her map and checked. It would probably be just outside the fire countries borders. Putting down her map she didn't think twice about speeding towards the crash-site. This adventure was something she was not going to miss! And as the lights started to reappear in the surrounding houses she quickened her pace towards the edge of the village.

Game over naruto!
- Hell no! I still have lives left!
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