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Re: Uzumaki Hatake Nila Saga, a Naruto Epilogue.

Confusion and pursuit

Nila was running like the wind. She laughed at the thought, wind chakra should enable you to do just that. She guessed that fire/lightning should be faster though. Her mind contemplated this as she kept jumping and moving towards the crash site.
Strangely enough there had not been an noticeable explosion or crash from the meteor that she could have seen or heard. She thought about it for a moment. Something was very strange about that meteor. First of all there were the fact that chakra normally couldn't be seen with the naked eye. Second this chakra was green...and then there was the silent it brought. Maybe it had some sort of barrier that removed the sound? Nilas mind wandered again and just as she jumped into a clearing her foot was caught in a snag and she fell. In an instant she thought about using wind to soften her blow but there was no time to react, she crashed in the ground and her foot still stuck in the snag twisted painfully. She cursed her clumsiness for a second. then she looked at her foot. Nothing to bad but she wouldn't be able to move as fast anymore. As she got to her feet she felt a stinging pain in her leg. Once again she cursed her self and then started to walk fast. As the foot got used to the strain she soon sped up into somewhat of a easy sprint.
Trying her best to keep the pace she soon arrived near the boarder. Once she got close she slowed down. She didn't know exactly where the meteor had fallen. She stopped and looked around. She heard animals and the sounds of the night, just as normal. The forest also looked fine, and nothing indicated impact. It was weird, there should be some sign of the impact. She couldn't have been so wrong as to where the meteor had struck?
Starting to walk again she got a bad feeling. Whatever the meteor was it was becoming more and more apparent that she didn't understand it. Nila didn't like to not understand things. She would obsess over things for long times until she had at least a basic understanding of how they worked. This was the very core for her capacity with chakra-based Ninjutsu and a big reason for her results in school. Her mind was curious, or so people kept telling her. She was quite proud of the fact that she was a good "problem solver" as she thought of it. That though defined her and was something that she often depended on in uncertain situations. This was definitely one of those.
Nila shook her head dispersing all the thoughts. She was going to have to be focused for this, she thought as she moved closer and closer to her fateful meeting.

Sasuke was moving with a precision that would make any normal ninja seem clumsy by comparison. He moved fast and his sharingan was activated to pick anything unusual.
The fact that there had been no impact alerted him on many levels. Whatever that "meteor" was it had activated his sharingan. It was in al certainty something powerful, something dangerous. He wondered if Karin had ben able to feel the chakra from the meteor if she had still been around.
His trail of thought was soon interrupted as he picked up on a movement on the ground about a hundred meters in front. He landed on a branch and observed.
Below, a ninja was moving at a slow pace towards the meteor area. The ninja had blue long hair, a woman. She was young and seemed to be scanning the area ahead. She didn't notice him, which was understandable, he thought and focused on her with his sharingan.
There was something familiar with the ninja on the ground, but he had never met her before, that he was sure of. She had quite a large amount of chakra reserve. Did she have anything to do with the meteor? She seemed to be looking for something. Probably for where the stone had landed. Sasuke paused for a second and thought about the situation. Of course there would be more Ninjas that had seen the Meteor that would come looking for it. It was actually weird there were no more ninjas this close to the crash site. He quickly snapped out of the thought as his eyes reacted to a detail on the young ninjas clothing. A Konoha emblem! The girl was carrying a headband of Konoha on the right side of her gear. It was partly concealed by one of her smaller packs hanging from a belt-constraption over her shoulders. "Konoha haa?" He thought. That meant trouble for him. For so long he had concealed himself, not going back to that place. Sasuke's thought went to Naruto and it hit him. The likeness he had felt before, it was Naruto! Sasuke smiled, a somewhat vicious smile. This had become quite interesting. The branch twisted as the force of his chakra pressed down when he jumped into the air, following the young ninja towards the meteor.

Nila felt a tremble in the earth as she moved closer to what seemed to have to be the crash-site, even if there was no signs so far. The tremble wasn't an earthquake but rather more of an stir or unrest in the earth. Nila couldn't explain it better that that. She had never felt anything like it. Just as she recovered her stance from the first shock another one came. This one didn't shake the earth but rather her senses. She felt it move up her leg and into her body.
Feeling woozy she experienced something unexpected, her senses where heightened by the force. She could hear all sounds around her and see the smallest detail, extremely clear. She felt a presence behind her, hiding. She could hear it.
Then as quick as she had gained it, the heightened state faded again and she exclaimed. For some reason time seemed to had stood still.
Stopping she braced herself for another shock, breathing slowly trying to force her senses to focus. Did she hear anything just then or had it been her imagination? At any rate she felt like someone was watching her. What did it all mean? the force, the stalking presence?
The first rule of Ninja was to conceal themselves at any sign of danger, to assert the situation before acting. This was in many ways in contrast to her fathers more robust way of doing things. "Follow your feelings Nila" - was something he had told her over and over. To trust the gutsy way. But that of course was something her mother hadn't recommended. She always tried to instill more of a calm sense into Nila, or so it seemed.
Nila shook her head again, "Focus!".
I need to get away from the ground, she thought, the force came from there. And I need to hide as to avoid anyone around that might not be friendly.
And with that she jumped.

Sasuke didn't move a muscle. The girl had stopped so suddenly he hadn't gotten the chance to properly hide his presence. He was pretty sure she had noticed him. Now she seemed to be totally still, she was probably scanning the area. Maybe she was a sensory type of Ninja?
All of a sudden she jumped towards the side and some tree's standing at that side. She was making her move, he thought. She had quite the speed and had it not been for the fact that his sharingan was activated her little surprise dodge would have worked. As it were he could follow her chakra trail into the trees. He smiled. Naruto indeed, but more refined. There was no immediate rush to move forward. He could stay concealed, waiting for her to move. Sasuke made a series of hand-seals. "Shizen ma-ji no jutsu" he thought as the seals completed and immediately he became transparent. A nice little jutsu that was almost undetectable and that made him blend into the environment body and spirit. The only thing he could not hide was his life force. This had caused him quite a lot of trouble back in the days with Naruto.
The girl seemed to sit still on one of the branches. With his sharingan he watched her chakra emit from the hiding place. It seemed unrestful, she was afraid.

Nila's heart pounded. She was listening intensely. She felt for the first time since leaving the village that she might have made a mistake. The meteor, or whatever it was must have attracted more ninjas. Why did she not think of that before she left? She had never faced another Ninja out-side the village and the jouunin exams. She had felt the presence quite clearly at that time, but maybe it was only due to the effect of the force she had felt? Maybe there was no Ninja watching her. But who else had emitted the chakra serge, or the force that shook the ground? She thought back to her learnings under Master Shikamaru about chakra types and strategies. Earth type, not strong against wind but also not weak against it. If there was a fight the outcome would probably come down to techniques. As long as the person stayed hidden there was not much Nila could do. She had never been able to master the shadow clone technique her father was so famous for. She had to the most been able to hold one clone, and not for to long.

Game over naruto!
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