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Re: Uzumaki Hatake Nila Saga, a Naruto Epilogue.

Some time had passed and the girl hadn't moved at all. Her chakra was beginning to stabilize, she was getting more calm and sure of herself. Sasuke breathed slowly, time was on his side and he had no interest in confronting the girl yet, he was merely following her for now. The meteor had to have something to do with this shinobi and he was determined to find out what. What other reason would a Konoha Ninja be doing here?
He felt like he had come across something huge. For some reason the girl had some relationship to Naruto and whatever that cluts did it usually ended in something interesting. He smiled at the thought.
Obviously deciding the immediate threat was over, the girl slowly began to move forwards again. She was still concealed like a shinoby should but she still moved with some speed. Sasuke exhaled and silently followed her, making sure she couldn't detect him. He kept some distance but her chakra trail was easy enough to follow. Suddenly she turned quite strongly. "Trying to avoid followers by changing directions" he thought as he easily followed after. She also seemed to speed up and Sasuke had to let some of his defenses down to keep up, she was much faster than he had originally thought.
After what seemed to be quite awhile she slowed down and Sasuke resumed his fail-safe silence mode. The forest around them started to end and tree's to land on became scarce. He adjusted and took to the ground. He could move faster on the ground but was more exposed.
Suddenly the girl's chakra stopped all together. With the sharingan he saw ahead that she was standing still at what seemed to be a clearing by a river. He closed in and hid behind a tree to observe.

Game over naruto!
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