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Re: Uzumaki Hatake Nila Saga, a Naruto Epilogue.

Reaching destination.

Sasuke was moving as fast as he could still keeping his sharingan hard at work tracking for the Konoha Kunoichi. She was very good at covering her traces but Sasuke still had the advantage of the sharingan. He could still see traces of her chakra. And even if that had not been the case he had her location in mind, the meteor. He was getting closer and closer to the crash-site.
He slowed down as he saw some kind of force emitting throughout the ground. He barely dodged it as it extended upwards into the tree and out onto the branch where he was sitting. He jumped and landed again. The chakra force was green and moving in a pulsing pattern. Without his sensitive sharingan he would never had the time to register and avoid the pulse. It was moving at a high speed. He timed his jumps to advance forward and soon reached a clearing. He landed on the branch closest to the opening and his eyes got blinded. He had to release his sharingan. The whole scene was as bright as the sun, chakra emitting from the girl and the whole clearing. His eyes in normal mode he could focus on the female ninja in the middle. Something was wrong. She was lying down, almost as if she was sleeping. A closer look revealed that she was not touching the ground. Sasuke's eyes widened as he saw that she was infact lying on a rock that was burning with green flames. The fire almost seemed to avoid the Kunoichi but Sasuke knew that she was engulfed in those flames none the less. With that thought he felt the energies from the meteor. They pulsated again up towards him. The sensation was extreme but controllable. He had anticipated the pulse to continue even after his release of sharingan and in the right timing with the pulse relayed chakra to his feet to block unwanted chakra flow. It dampened the energies that was flowing from the meteor but did not block them fully. They were really strong. He felt a bit disoriented and energized at the same time. The chakra was feeding him with energies! He figured he had to dampen it even more to remain in control. Waiting for the next pulse, counting the time in his head he shifted even more chakra to his feet making the shield - jutsu stronger at just the right time. He felt the pulse hit his feet again and this time the shield blocked the chock enough. Sasuke smiled to himself. This Jutsu required an extreme control over your chakras. Not many Shinobi was able to perform it. His smile faded, he needed to get to the shinobi and fast. He could question her later. Timing another pulse with his jutsu he jumped down to the ground and stepped forwards towards the meteor. In an instant he felt the pulse rush up through his feet and into his body!? "Wha..." He exclaimed as his world spun out of order. He had timed it perfectly, the pulse had come to soon. He staggered to remain on his feet.
"Sasuke" a voice wispered in his mind. The voice sounded familiar but yet he did not recognize it. Before he could do anything he was hit by another pulse. To his horror this one had another effect on his body. His Sharingan and then Manekyu sharingan was activated by itself again. He was blinded by the bright chakra all around. Struggling to take control of the situation he felt himself slipping out of consciousness, the energies pulsing more and more frequently into his body. His vision faded and all turned to white. Was this the end for him, he thought? He, Sasuke that had reached so far in the Arts of Ninjutsu. "Sasuke, it is time" the voice echoed. "Time to see." For some reason the voice calmed him down. Whatever happened he didn't care anymore.

Game over naruto!
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