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Re: Uzumaki Hatake Nila Saga, a Naruto Epilogue.

Nila and Ryo was walking along a road going down the mountain, they were both eating from the fish they caught. It was a fish Nila had never heard of. Blue fins and red belly with goggly eyes and sharp teeth. The fish tasted somewhat like chicken and Nila was happy to get some food into her growling belly. They walked in silence eating. Nila was in deep thought. She glanced to the side at Ryo. Thinking back on the fishing endeavors of Ryo her mind was trying to make decisions. Ryo had referred to a skill set he apparently had. It had been somewhat awkward for him to talk about but he still believed in the ability to the extent that he could tell her. "I don't know why, but I feel I can trust you" he had smiled like he did. "I can feel where the fishes are" he had continued. "But please don't tell anyone of this, ok?" he had ended and smiled again. He had then continued by pulling fish after fish from the lake with his fishing pole and line placed perfectly in front of the fishes. The "skill" was nothing mystical to Nila, but the use of chakra like that was different, she had never seen it quite like that before. And the boy seemed unaware of what he was doing to. Nila looked at Ryo again. "How long have you had this ability" she asked. Ryo looked up at her and seemed to study her. "My whole life" he said. "You think it is weird?" he sounded unsure. Nila hesitated. "No.." she replied. Ryo didn't look convinced. Nila looked at him again, she decided to tell him. "I have seen this before" she explained. Ryo looked puzzled by these words. "What do you mean?" he stopped in the middle of the road and Nila did to. She formed the words in her head. " The thing that you did is actually something we", she made a sweeping gesture towards herself, "in my village I mean, use a lot." Ryo seemed stunned at this. "So?.. you already know about it?" he sounded somewhat disappointed but excited at the same time. Nila smiled.
"Yes. It's called chakra control" You use your inner energies to perform various tasks." She paused for a second looking at his fascinated eyes. Something struck her as odd. "All Ninjutsu use this in their techniques??" " Surely you must know about Ninjas yes?" she was getting more confused. "Ninja? What is that? It sounds cool!" Ryo smiled at her and she could see he was a little embarrassed about not knowing. He actually didn't know about Ninjas. A boy of his age not knowing about Ninjas was not something normal. Where in the world am I, she thought and her distress showed in her face. "What?" Ryo asked her. What is it? I'm sorry if I don't know. I've never heard of them Ninjas? What is it they do? Maybe we call them something else here?" Nila thought about his words. Maybe they were samurai? Her father had spoken of these warriors. "A Ninja is a sort of warrior that uses ninjutsu to fight or do other various things. It's not always used for fighting but can be applied to other things, just like your fishing." She raised the fish to indicate. "Although, I've never seen it used like that before and never by anyone unaware that they were using it. It's mostly something you need to be aware of to have that kind of control you displayed at the lake." she paused, "I don't know, but it seems you have some sort of talent for this that I have never seen before." She shook her head a little, she was getting ahead of herself. "But what I mean is, haven't you herd of Ninjas? It's quite odd, at least for me. Where I'm from Ninjas are everywhere. In fact, I am a ninja also, sort of. Surely you know of the great Ninja nations?" She looked questionably at his confusion. " I'm sorry." he bowed his head as he tried to remember. "What is this country called?!" she asked. Ryo looked up and smiled. "I know that!" he exclaimed. "Not all people around here do, but I know what it is called, or rather used to be called. My friend Raiku told me about it, he still remembers you see. He is really smart and strong." Ryo smiled again. "teikoku wa , taiyō no" he said. "The empire of the sun?" Nila had never heard of it? "Yeah..." Ryoseemed to reflect upon the words. "Well, we should ask Raiku about it. He will know more. And maybe he knows about Ninjas as well? So that means your a warrior?" Ryo smiled and started walking again, Nila followed. "Lets head home!" he explained. "Raiku should be arriving soon" he quickened the pace. Nila followed him while thinking to herself, trying to understand. "Where in the world am I...." she whispered...

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