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Re: Uzumaki Hatake Nila Saga, a Naruto Epilogue.

Sasuke woke up from what felt as a long, long dream. As he opened his eyes he saw grass covering the ground where he had fallen. He knew he had fallen because his body ached all over and he was lying flat down. He spit some dirt that had entered his mouth. His arms was scraped and somehow he had dried blood on the side of his face. He tried to get up, his body was still functional and he didn't seem to have any more serious injury. He reached for his head and found a wound on his forehead. It was the source of the blood but it wasn't deep and it didn't bleed anymore. "what happened to me..." he wondered and slowly arose from kneeling to standing. He used a tree that was standing beside him for support. As he got up he felt his hand touch something sticky on the tree. He looked up and at his hand. Instinctively he withdrew it from the tree and almost fell over from the reaction. His hand was covered in blood. The blood was smeared all over the tree-side. As if waking up again his censes came rushing back to him and he looked around in a defensive stance. The area around him was covered in a morning dust and the atmosphere was accented by the smoke and dirt covering patches all around him. Everywhere there was broken weapons and bodies. This was a battlefield!
He was standing on a rising in what seemed to be the middle of a battlefield. Turning around he saw in the not so far of distance the contour of a huge army. He turned around again, on the other side, more up a slope of a mountain was the other army, massive in its size also. "What the!... I'm actually right in the middle! " he hissed to himself. How had he come to be here!? Where was this place!? He looked closer on the surrounding victims. It was a chaotic mix of women, children and men of all ages. Whatever was happening a massacre was apparently apart of it.. There! he saw a flag. "Konoha!?" he exclaimed. No it was similar to konohas sign but also different. There was a flame surrounding the leaf and the spiral was broken. There were also a lot of other flags and sign Sasuke didn't recognize.
A "swish" sound caught Sasukes attention and he merely ducked an arrow aimed for his head. It bore right into the trunk of the tree and he stared at the projectile.
His sharingan activated. The arrow was not infused with chakra.

Raiku and the caravan had settled inside the wall of Hiru Ki and was dispersing. He had just reported everything to the town-elder and handed over the appropriate documents. There was much to do now. New guards had to be trained, and the relatives of those lost had to be taken care of. But for now, for the rest of the day, at least Raiku was free to take it easy. He gave his horses reins to the stableboy. Before letting him walk of he took his bags. putting them on the ground he dug deep into one of them. From it he fished a wooden flute. This flute was made of a special tree from a mountain far to the north and it's music was said to have a healing effect. This was all superstition of course but Raiku liked the myth. He wanted Ryo to have a healing effect on the land. It was Raiku's hope and dream that the next generation wouldn't need to fight. Of course he would teach Ryo to defend himself but the flute was a better present for his birthday than any weapon. He was only turning fifteen after all. Raiku smiled again and looked around. Where was that little rascal? He should be here eagerly awaiting Raiku's return. Raiku was sure that Ryo knew this was the day, they had send word in advance.
He looked around again. Nowhere? Raiku walked over to the wall and shouted to the guard up in the tower. "Where is Ryo?!" he asked. The guard looked down on him. "I think I saw him sneak out and towards the mountain again quite some time ago. he was to fast for me" he replied. He looked towards the sky. The sun was soon going to set. "I thought he'd be back by now, he always is? the guard looked worried. Raiku knew that Ryo sometimes went to the mountains despite his warnings that Ryo should stay inside of the village. There was many dangers outside these days. Ryo didn't listen. He loved the mountains. But just as the guard said, he had never been out after dark before. Raiku picked up his bags and ran towards the barracks where both he and Ryo lived.

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