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Re: Uzumaki Hatake Nila Saga, a Naruto Epilogue.

Naruto arrived at the clearing from where the source of the energies he had been feeling emanated. He had long since lost Sasuke's and Nila's presence from his mind. A small panic had set in his heart, if he lost Nila.... Then all was pointless..
As he landed on a branch someways of from the meteor he saw them! Nila! Sasuke! They were both lying on what seemed to be a burning rock. The rock was engulfed in green flames that didn't seem to touch either of them.. But Naruto knew that that flames somehow engulfed them as well.. It was a feeling, a strong feeling. The meteor was clearly the source of the strong energies that he had felt all the way to the village. The stone seemed to be the exact size for Sasuke and Nila to fit on it, side by side. The panic in his heart spun out of control. He couldn't feel either Nila or Sasuke, their energies didn't exist. Tears poured down his cheeks as he jumped with full force down towards his daughter. "Nila! No!.." Everything from that moment seemed to be moving in slow-motion. He landed beside his daughter and without hesitation he reached for her. As his hands neared the stone the flames stretched out for him. The second they touched his hand he heard a voice echo in his head as energies rushed into his body. "Naruto! The enlightened.." He panicked and struggled to release himself of this new threat. The surge of energies was relentless and nummed his sences. He could feel a connection being made. The energies took Naruto's mind and he felt as if he was floating. Vision turned into bright white and he was lost in its brilliance. Pacified he felt his panic slip away. The voice was somehow familiar...but he could not identify from where? "Two become one, end the cycle, mend the broken.." the voice echoed again. Somehow Naruto found these words wise. He smiled and closed his eyes.

Nila and Ryo arrived at the foot of the mountain later during the evening. Once they came to a more open area Nila could see the wall surrounding a village that was build somewhat in a heightened position. "There it is! Hiru Ki! Home!" Ryo sounded really glad. "Raiku will be so happy to be home to. I have been waiting for the merchant caravans arrival for two weeks! He protects them you see." Ryo looked at Nila again. "I think he is going to like you. He is also a warrior." Nila smiled at the words. She looked at him seriously. "Can this Raiku also use special abilities?" she asked. He hesitated. "No, not that I know. As far as I know I'm the only one." he shrugged his shoulders. "Why? Is that important?" He hesitated again and then his eyes got a somewhat curious look. " Nila, if your a Ni. em Ninja you also have some abilities?" he nodded his head towards her. She smiled again, his enthusiasm was rubbing of on her. "Yes, I know a thing or two" she answered. "Are you strong? Show me something!?" his eyes showed a fierce interest. Nila started to gather wind chakra in her feet. "I'm not very strong, but I'm quite skilled with molding chakra" she explained. Ryo repeated the words "moulding chakra" to himself. As they came close to a tree standing along side of the rode Nila jumped up into the air using her wind chakra as a push. She landed gracefully on a branch. Ryo's eyes was full of admiration. "How did you do that!?" he was observing closely. Nila smiled again. She decided right there to teach him. As he already had the talent and had used chakra on his own, it was best to teach him so he could control it. "I will tell you later. I've decided. Because you already know how to draw chakra, I will show you how to use it." Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of galloping horses.

Game over naruto!
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