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Re: Ichigo should have been trained in kidoh

Yami was in 10th espada form, and Ichigo was beating him easily while in Bankai until is hollow destabilized him. Also given what we know about Yammi now i doubt Yoruichi and Urahara would walk all over him at base.

Tousen cut GJ's arm because he was his superior, and GJ was in Aizen's presence which means GJ had to maintain a certain lvl of composure. Specially since he disobeyed orders and was in need of punishment.

Now for my comment on GJ and Ulquiorra having better feats than the majority of espada.

GJ pretty much proved to be a speed demon while using Pantera. Even masked Ichigo had problems following him, the guy was flying. His hand to hand abilities were great, not to mention his long range capabilities with spikes.

That to me was way more impressive than anything Noitra showed in his fight against Kenpachi. Noitra is just a tank, he doesn't have much speed or anything else for that matter. He was just like Kenpachi, a hack and slasher.

Given feats, i would put my money on GJ in a GJ vs Kenpachi scenario. And Ichigo for what I've seem would most likely be able to take out Noitra, he is faster and has dealt with enemies he couldn't cut at first.

Ulquiorra had a second lvl of resurrection. That alone puts him in a higher lvl of feats than most of the other espada. Sure he said that there were 3 other espada whom were stronger than him to Ichigo, but he also said that not even Aizen had seen his R2 form which means it was probably not factored in on ranking.

Ridiculous speed and strength, high speed regen, Cero Oscuras and Lanca del Relampago topples anything Halibel has done panel wise. Barragan and Stark remain more haxxed with aging powers and infinite cero Gatling gun.

Bottom line is, the goten captains got their asses kicked by the top 3, whom Ulquiorra and GJ rival when it comes to feats. Bankai is a must to fight these guys otherwise you die, so Ichigo is right by having Bankai active on every battle because all of his opponents are insanely strong.

________________________________________ _____

On the anime, Ichigo's Bankai is abused big time. That is what makes it cheap on peoples eyes. He needs it on every filler to battle fodder, so the boost he gains looks as if it isn't even there.

In the manga he used Bankai vs Byakuya, the effects definitely overwhelmed Byakuya for a while before Ichigo's own reiatsu caused his down fall, forcing his hollow to step in.

After that he fought with Yami whom he was beating, and then GJ and Ulquiorra which were two enemies that easily matched him speed because they are incredibly fast themselves.
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