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Re: Ichigo should have been trained in kidoh

Yes, Ichigo was using Bankai, that's the problem. In Yammy's rank 10 form, Ichigo was raping him in Bankai. Urahara was doing it just with his Shikai. Why does Ichigo have to pull out all of the stops just to accomplish what the renown shinigami can do at a fraction of their strength?
I don't understand the problem. Ichigo danced around Yammy effortlessly while in Bankai before his hollow got in the way. Why waste energy on Shikai when he can finish things off faster in Bankai ?

Using Bankai made total sense here. Urahara and Yoruichi were beating Yammy and so was Ichigo, so whats the big deal about him doing it in Bankai form when it was overkill ??

Had he struggled against Yammy while in Bankai this would be a problem but he wasn't.

Also lets get something straight here. None of the captains whom fought an espada did so in Base/shikai and got anywhere or won with the exception of flower dude and his mini game stark never heard of. Mayuri, Byakuya, Soifon, Toushiro and Kummamura all had to use Bankai when the shit hit the fan. Ichigo just goes full out from the beginning which makes sense since he fought 2 incredibly powerful espada.

Which of the goten Captains based on feats could have tangoed with GJ and Ulquiorra and won ??

Most of them would fail.

Tousen's Zanpaktou wasn't even in Shikai form, yet he was able to effortlessly cut Grimm's arm clean off. That would show how far Ichigo needs to come, considering his Bankai can barely to that much without his hollow mask...
You said in your previous post that Tousen pwned GJ by cutting his arm off, my response was that GJ couldn't fight back because he was being punished by his superiors. He wanted to retaliate but Aizen intimidated him before he could do anything.

Besides, comparing Tousen with Ichigo is like comparing raw ore with a bar of gold. One has had years of training and has refined his abilities, the other is being thrust into the fray while trying to berserk through.

Though Ulq said himself that the others were stronger than him. He never said based off Aizen's knowledge, there are three others stronger than him... And Ulq's second resurrection was based off rapid healing, more so than power, or anything else... I believe Stark was faster and could potentially destroy Ulq's organs with those cero wolves that cling onto targets...

Aizen killed her (she could of had more to her)... Why I don't know... She was more beneficial than Tousen in my opinion.
I explained that in from my pov Barragan and Stark have better feats than he does. Halibel quite frankly doesn't. Morciego alone allowed Ulquiorra to nearly blitz Ichigo and loop his head off, that is quite a feat considering what Ichigo's Bankai augments.

The Aizen comment makes sense. Think about it, the espada were ranked based on overall power/ability etc. Aizen had no idea that Ulquiorra had a second lvl to his resurrection, none of the other espada have displayed one. Just do the math.
What about Ukitake (oh yeah, hand through chest from stupid idiot)... Shunsui offed Stark like he was some newb... Yes, the Captains in "general" [this doesn't count Old Man Yama either] did get messed up pretty bad however, when we see Shunsui fight with his regular Zanpaktou for a while then switch to his Shikai to heat things up shows how advanced his skills are. We haven't even seen the top 3, or 4 captains use Bankai, or even go serious...
I won't try and take away from Shunsui's skill as a captain, he is one of the oldest and strongest. But had Ukitake not stepped in he would have eaten a cero storm.

When he activated his Shikai the fight became some what one sided, not becuase the gap between he and stark was large in power but because his Shikai is freaking haxxed. Forcing the opponent to play a game he/she never played against a master with their own lives at stake....not really a fair scenario there, not that anything is supposed to be fair in war.

But Stark was able to fight him to the point where Ukitake had to step in and fry both love and the blond guy before he ended it with his weird Shikai.

Stark still manage to slice him the back during, newb he was not.

That was like being forced to play soccer against Ronaldinho when you never played with the threat of getting shot in the head if you happen to lose.
Heck, even the squirt didn't go Bankai from the start... He fought Hailbel with while holding some of his power back, yet when things heated up, he switched to Bankai...
And accomplished nothing. He used his most powerful tech and didn't even scratch Halibel. So much for waiting to bust out his ace in the hole.
It's not interesting when Ichigo goes Bankai automatically. The fight isn't drawn out, and Ichigo doesn't look any better by buffing himself up to 100% (in the beginning) and getting smashed the next second (that's why I'm saying Ichigo isn't that developed)... The boss didn't even buff up to his max form yet... Ichigo has to be fighting at max just to barely tie with his opponent's initial form. There's no suspense either because Ichigo pulling out almost all of his tricks to start off. At least lead me to the climax...
Again I ask, how many captains can actually beat GJ and Ulquiorra based on feats ?

I would love to see some of them take on those two with just Shikai, specially Ulquiorra whom deflected Urahara's berihime slash with 1 hand.

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