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Re: Ichigo should have been trained in kidoh

[QUOTE=But can’t Aizen Hollowly like Tousen, considering he would have granted himself the same power? If that’s the case, Ichigo’s new crazed mode would be countered… Unless Aizen didn’t do that stuff to himself… But I’m unsure of that…[/QUOTE]

Exactly, if we assume Ichigo is powerful with the bankai and hollow at his disposal then Aizen is twice or even more powerful with his shikai alone. So if he activates Bankai of Kyoka suigetsu and his Vizard form (Aizen is not foolish to ignore that power for himself) then Ichigo will be a kid even with the second hollow form of his 'cuz its unstable and Aizen himself said to Ichigo "You should have combined Hollofication with the bankai of yours" which was 1st level that time that makes Aizen invulnerable against Hollow+bankai attacks. ICHIGO NEEDS SOME SERIOUS UPGRADING JOB TO BE DONE. I am not saying it has to be kidoh but it never hurts to learn extra trick or two does it?
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