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Re: I must comment on this . . .

just had that impression, no big ^^

and about nietzsche's phrase being misinterepreted many times through history; yes, that's right, and i did nothing else. i used that phrase to imply my religious beliefs and also to answer to a stupid adbotthread, which is silly in some way i suppose ^^
nietzsche pusblished that theory in the time of the european nihilism and thus wanted to show the people of this time, that they lost the christian values and the moral behind christianity. and with these moral or values died "god".

still, i often, and to my shame perhaps, use this term with pleasure, because i know i can upset religious people as well as some stuck up smartasses :> (no insult to you, i like your way of arguing and discussing, but some people i know are that stuck up...)

so, i think this is settled...
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