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Re: Out with a snarky bang

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
And on a related note, you're also a fag. I make fun of you because you're seriously and legitimately pretty stupid, just like the vast majority of people. Just thought I'd let you know, sheep.
lol. I already knew that you made fun of me because you think I'm stupid. It's not like I really care because I took the time to respond to said insults or anything. *rolls eyes*
Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Also, man up and be honest for a moment. How many complaints have you made privately, either through email or private message? Just curious.
None. I've continued arguments and debates through private messages before (mainly because it was off topic in the original thread). So unless you consider an argument a form of complaining, then none. And I don't even talk to anyone through E-mail.

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
@Fayrra - Are you trying to say that, because Tzu took effort to type all that, he cares about the subject at hand and is in need to prove his point? Lol if you are.
No, I was saying that he still took the time to type it, regardless of whether he truly cared or not. Just like this guy took the time to type it, whether he truly cared or not. If you "need a life", then it's generally because you have too much free time. The caring part isn't needed. In both cases, they took the time to do it.

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