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Re: Create your own plot twist


So I was thinking it would be strange for the Jyubi to exist without a rival or a back story. His rivals are of course his siblings! Millenia before Naruto existed the parents of chakra, Mother Dark (Yin) and Father Light (Yang), they had six children: Shadow, Wind, the twins Earth and Water, Lightning, and the youngest Fire. Originally they all had draconic forms but eventually they began to admire man and took human forms. Wind was the only one to take a female form. Shadow fell in love with a human woman but his parents forbid the relationship. Only Wind knew of this and hid it from the others mostly because of the secret she and Shadow's lover had, that she was pregnant. This child would become the Sage of the Six Paths.

Shadow killed his parents before Wind could find the others and defend their parents. Shadow was mortally wounded and so rebuilt his body with the remains of his parents. He reformed his draconic body into a beastly body and became the Jyubi. He also started a descent into insanity starting with weakening his siblings for fear they would avenge their parents murder. He forced them to be stuck as humans and in the mortal realm for eternity. He could do this because he inherited powers from his parents flesh. Lightning as the most aggressive, darkest, and ambitious child was furious. Whether this was because he mourned or because he had plans to kill his parents he has never revealed but he has always been loyal to his other siblings and submissive to Wind. Other than Shadow, Wind was the undisputed leader of the siblings, because although she appeared to have no greater power than the others, indeed any observer would say lightening was the strongest, she has supreme battle tactics and intellect. She also benefited from Lightning being naturally weak against her both in battle and in personality. Lightning rushed to confront the new Shadow. He reached Shadow and prepared to fight him. Just as he and Shadow were about to trade blows Wind appeared and somehow blocks both of them. She calms down lightning by pointing out that in his rage he'd left an opening and would have been killed if it wasn't for her. Shadow then tried to bait her into fighting him but she refuses. Shadow became so frustrated and probably confused that he left them apparently going back to their home realm.

This starts a triangle relationship between Shadow, Lightning and Wind (the others just tag along with Lightning or Wind, whoever they think is going to win). Shadow wants to fight both of them, Lightning wants to kill Shadow to avenge his parents maybe and for honor and he is embarrassed by Wind who he perceives as cowardly. Wind wants to protect both of them. After Shadow disappears Wind convinces Lightening to hang around while she gathers the others and Shadow's lover who she had been protecting and hiding. She reveals the pregnancy and explains the child will become a rival to his father and perhaps the only means to stopping him. They all agree (lightening begrudgingly) to work with the child and protect it. At the same time twins Earth and Water reveal they have accepted their fate to remain on Earth and have chosen Earth names, Grub (Earth) and Sushi (Water). Lightening because he needs a new persona to represent new strength takes the name of Ay. Fire thinking this is really cool first takes the name of Super Hot then when everyone, especially Lightening dislikes it, he changes it to Cha Han (Japanese Fried Rice), and everyone pretends to like it so he shuts up. Wind declines to take a name and doesn't tell why.

The child grows and much to his distress shows the greatest admiration of Uncle Lightening. When the child is a teenager his mother gets ill and lies on her deathbed. She reveals to her son that perhaps the circumstances surrounding his conception were not as peaceful as everyone assumed. She had been quite because she loved Shadow. She begged her son never to tell the others especially Wind. Her Son interprets his mother's confession as a message from fate showing him how defenseless humans are against the gods. He determines to strengthen humans and begins teaching them jutsu, his interpretation of the powers the siblings had been teaching him. For some reason the siblings begin to weaken and Ay (lightning) assumes that the humans have been draining their power. Wind convinces him and the others that the humans have nothing to do with it and its probably a spell of Shadow's. Lightning disagrees pointing out Shadow hasn't been seen since he ran from himself and Wind. Wind counters that Shadow has the power of their parents and can manipulate from afar. Lightning is furious to be manipulated but instead decides that Shadow is somehow stealing their power.

At last the battle commences. But something is terribly wrong. Ay, Grub, Sushi, and Cha Han (Lightning, Earth, Water, and Fire) are being pummeled. The battle is intense and the Sage cannot safely join and Wind seems to be unable to fight. Lightning throws the others back and glares at Wind then begins to fight. The Sage asks the Wind to explain, he thought they'd be more effective against the Jyubi. Wind confesses that the four have been brainwashed into weakness, and that they all had been experiencing nightmares about this connecting the weakness to humans. She reveals that this is an illusion, her brother Shadow's greatest ability. She also reveals that the illusion is in truth an illusion for the beast, and she believes Shadow was calling out to his siblings telling them that the real Shadow is trapped inside this beast and not to use their full power against him. In the end the apparent weakness of the siblings is just Shadow trying to protect himself. Wind has realized this and is not attacking for this reason. Lightning goes down and she observes and mentions to the Sage further evidence of the real Shadow as her brothers are not dead.

Shadow taunts her and ignores the Sage. He announces he will obliterate everything and prepares a massive Menacing Ball. Wind orders the Sage behind her and the Ball fires, there is a huge explosion. The Jyubi observes the explosion was only half the size it should have been and realizes that Wind has blocked it. Wind notes that although she managed to weaken it somehow it weakened further, and turns to the Sage, praising him both for his ability and having a power unknown to her. Despite this she orders him to back away for the moment. Wind then faces Shadow and reveals the truths she knows that she has already related to the Sage saying that she fights only because she has no choice. She had sought to protect everyone including Shadow. Shadow laughs then is suddenly frightened as Wind transforms into a draconic figure. She then taunts the Shadow, revealing the nickname the humans had given her and saying his ten tails are nothing to her twelve wings. She then begins her attack slicing the Jyubi apart faster then he can defend. The Jyubi is stunned to find her movements faster than Lightning's ever was. In fact she is slowing the Jyubi's movements by increasing the density of the air around him. The Sage is also quietly helping battling the rise in air temperature that such a move would normally produce. When all that remains of the Jyubi is a head, the Jyubi claims he can regenerate faster than Wind can recover from the attack she just dealt. They argue for a bit then the Jyubi realizes something is happening to his body parts.

They turn and see an abyss twice the size of the crater from his menacing ball and fives as deep. Above them is a giant Chibaku Tensei, the moon in which all of the Jyubi's body parts are imprisoned. Wind drops the head and uses her remaining strength to jettison the Chibaku into space becoming the moon. She then turns to the Sage and tells him to use her soul. He then does his sealing jutsu exchanging Wind's soul so he may imprison the Shadow's soul within him. Inside the Jyubi or Shadow chuckles that his brothers will destroy the Sage but he reveals a previous arrangement with Wind who foresaw this. He performs a jutsu to keep the brothers unconscious and brings them and Wind's body to a cave. He seals the brothers and their sister's body inside perfect statues of them carved out of the cave rock.

Many years later Madara finds the statues and Pain. Together they research the cave and discover the secret. They are dismayed to learn that in fact only Ay, Grub, and Sushi (Lightning, Earth and Water) remain. Cha Han (fire) was apparently released or escaped some time ago. The Wind statue is the most perplexing, its name is in fact still in use by humans and there is no trace of any chakra other than the sealing chakra being there. The only explanation is she was never there. This is a great disappointment as she was supposed to be the strongest and her intellect would have been valuable. Madara reflects that she could have been too smart so maybe its better she's not present. They contact the three remaining brothers and convince them to the Akatsuki cause agreeing to release them when needed. They are the three new really strong Akatsuki.

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