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Re: Create your own plot twist

Tsunade dies and Sakura gets upset and trains to become stronger; Konan joins forces with Konoha; Naruto, Sai, and Yamato go back to Konoha because Madara has attacked the village with a tailed beast; Kakashi catches up to Sasuke and they fight; Kakashi obtains his second Mangekyou power; they retreat; Sasuke goes blind during the Kakashi fight and Madara gives him Itachi's eyes to gain EMS; Sasuke finally steals Killer Bee and Madara seals Hachibi into Sasuke; Sasuke controls Hachibi with his EMS; Naruto learns to control the Kyuubi and learns how to go sage mode while controlling the kyuubi - KYUUBI SAGE MODE FTW; Naruto becomes so strong he becomes Hokage. Sasuke destroys Konoha and lures Naruto BACK to Valley Of The End where they duke it out for the last time. Naruto kills Sasuke, and right before Sasuke dies, Naruto gives him a lecture (like he did with Nagato.) Sasuke becomes good again then croaks. The End.

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