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Re: Hey.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Ah, I see there is a bit of confusion going about in this thread. Gather 'round, men and ladies (Protip: Anyone without a colored name = ladies)! Your fearless leader shall make all clear.

Long ago, this land was covered in the darkness of fascism and faggotry of the furry variety. There wasn't a day that good, innocent men and women wouldn't be mercilessly punished for petty offenses. Children were water-boarded for double posting. I once saw a man get his fingers broken for posting a thread in the wrong section. And sadly, this was only the tip of the massive iceberg of douchebaggery. Fags from every corner of the globe (though, mostly from the philippines, I'm sure) were the aristocrats during those times. They had fake royal families and drank fancy imaginary wines at their internet forum bar; all while trying to get people punished for stupid offenses because that was their idea of 'pwning' others. Basically, they were huge twats.

Worst of all, freedom was banned. Anything and anyone that displeased Führer Furfag in any way would immediately be removed. Negros had it worst. One drew a squiggly line that was sorta shaped somewhat like a dong, and some fat kid in a tie-dye shirt wielding a sword while trying to cast some ninjutsu spell cried. Resulting in the negro being locked away in some yiff den or some shit.

But all was not lost. Sensing injustice, many destined heroes emerged! With swords and battle axes of justice, beards of freedom, and raging erections of truth, they became beacons of light that pierced through the dark veil of furfaggotry and into the heavens; they battled tirelessly against the fascist scum. The great plunger warrior FG, who then rode under the flag of The Führer, was the first to fall under the onslaught of the mighty warriors. Who were then known as the fierce FTP. FG apologized epically for his failure.

Despite the odds being against them, FTP went on to win great victory after great victory. This displeased Führer Furfag greatly. He lashed out against his own generals. But to do so, he had to show himself. FTP took this chance and ruined his shit, hard. He fled, to most likely definitely cry and get yiffed in the ass by his furboyfriend. The realm was then united under FTP's glorious banner, and an era of peace was enjoyed by all. However, the battle was not over, not yet...

Führer Furfag decided it was time for the final showdown. His fursuit was donned in shimmering, glitterly armor. And he armed himself with his banhammer, as he had no wit or intelligence to arm himself with instead. One of FTP's fearless leaders and the amazing asian DYNOMITE! viciously called him a furry while battling heroically, sacrificing themselves so that final victory could be achieved. Then the gold hero forever banished The Führer, and granted all the brave warriors access to the majestic hall where they could reap the rewards for their lives of devotion to awesomeness, and to whomever they deemed worthy. A place where warriors could be free from stupidity, where liberty was granted to all who deserved it. Outer Heaven.

Surf's Up.
I get hard just remembering

Surf's Up
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
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