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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Originally Posted by freedom07 View Post
^ this is bullshit, theres got to be someone with a shikai or a bankai that can do something about kyoka suigetsu..i know thats not all of aizens strengths but itll be a start to breaking that fucking shikai

why the fuck is shunsui still holding back his shikai, why is hirako whis is everyone??!?!
i know it may not help but does it hurt to try?!?!?

this is soooo stupid, the next time yammato is shown hed better not just be standing there, kubo had better explain what hes been up to coz this is faar too ridicuolous

kubo has no idea how to describe a war well, theres so many missing bits that should happen but doesnt
shunsui wasn't holding back his shikai lol he already used katen kyokatsu and that shadow game aizen got out in time..

when soi fon attacked up to that part it was really when the ice hit his arm it already wasn't aizen the thoughts we saw were an illusion the only real though was when aizen said how foolish hitsugaya is to charge in..

they all used their shikai hell shinji's shikai is the best out of the captains fighting but it failed to, lol....

U just have to understand if kubo allows aizen to be hurt badly here(which still might happen) then how do u expect the story to go further into the RG arc or what not..

its about time the good guys are getting their asses handed to them be happy , a one sided thing sucks the good guys can't always win in retarded ways there comes a time when enough is enough.
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