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Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion

My prediction!

Sakura: Sasuke-Kun! I'll follow you, I'll leave Konoha!

Sasuke: Sss, and I what use would have for you?

Sakura: I can lead you, I know things!

Sasuke: Really? Would you tell me about Naruto?

Sakura: !

483: Confrontation! Sasuke and Kakashi!

Kakashi is running through the forest. His hands are making a seal.

Kakashi: (thinking) The others! (reaches Sai and the others) (talking) So sleeping gas, Sakura? What are you planning? This means I'm almost there.

Kakashi runs off. Scene change to Naruto.

Naruto (still in Sage mode): He stopped, but now he's moving again. !

Naruto reaches Sai and the others.

Naruto: Darn! Why would he? Wait where's Sakura? (Naruto concentrates) I feel Kakashi and he's moving towards someone...!

Naruto steps forward and is caught by a very familiar trap.

Scene change to Kakashi

Kakashi: (thinking)What a baka! He fell for it, again.

Scene change to Sasuke

Sakura: I... I don't know.

Sasuke: Idiot! You think I'm going to fall for this.

Sakura: What!?

Sasuke: You plan to join me and then lead me into a trap, isn't that right!

Sakura (looking desperate): No!! I.. Why would I..?

Sasuke: Because you've already decided, you're going to kill me.

Karin: (thinking) This girl makes no sense, she seems to know Sasuke, yet she thinks she can kill him?

Sasuke: I guess I'll get rid of two more bugs today. (Charges a chidori)
A voice: After all this time, the same chidori, I expected more from you Sasuke.

Sasuke: Kakashi!

Sakura: !

Kakashi has a Raikiri and his sharingan is exposed: (thinking) No sign of Danzo, he must be dead.

Kakashi: Sasuke, by abandoning the village you became a missing-nin. As acting Hokage I must pass sentence. Normally, this would be death.

Sakura: No, Sensei, this is between me and Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke: Shut up both of you! I already know pain worse than death,

Kakashi: I know, death is too good for you, as our apparently your friends and teammates. I repeat those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are lower than scum, which is why I will give you a fate worse than death. (Kakashi gives his scariest face yet.)

Scene change to Naruto:

Naruto is hanging by one foot to a tree.

Naruto: Kakashi-sensei, you think this will hold me? (A Naruto bunshin appears and cuts the rope with a Kunai. Naruto falls)

Naruto: Now.. wait! (talks to the clone) You go first. The clone walks ahead, but nothing happens.

Kakashi: Don't worry, I only had time to make one trap this time.

Naruto: ! I thought you went to Sasuke-kun?

Kakashi: This is clone. Listen, the real me is going to lead them away. He's weak. Now is not the time to fight him. Madara disappeared but I don't think he'll let Sasuke get captured.

Naruto: But..

Kakashi: You can fight Sasuke later, Madara is the real enemy now. He's responsible for all Sasuke's done, think it about!

Naruto: Well, I guess but what am I supposed to do?

Kakashi: Listen, when I was approaching, I sensed a dying ninja. After I lead Sasuke away you must take him to Yamato and the village. Whoever it is they've been with Sasuke and Madara and they have info which we need. Got it? Good, I'm guessing the real me needs this chakra. (the clone dispels)

Naruto (looks disappointed): Why do I have to? I didn't sense anyone else.

Scene change to Kakashi and Sasuke

Theres been a scuffle, Sasuke looks hurt.

Sasuke (thinking) Damn, Madara was right, I'm too weak. I have to get away. (talking) Kakashi and Sakura, like old times, except someone's missing. Where's Naruto?

Kakashi: You don't need to know. (rushes Sasuke who dodges and vanishes) Hm, (looks left) got you!

Sasuke is running he sees Kakashi behind him.

Sakura: You guys, damn! Sasuke, wait for me! (she runs after them).

Karin (thinking) (she is crying): Sasuke, why? All this time (flashbacks to old Team hebi/hawk scenes) I wanted you so badly, (flashback to Danzo's death) but I guess in the end you really didn't want me, well in that case I'm glad I'm dying... (she closes her eyes)

Karin is slapped!

Voice: Don't give up so easily! I could be fighting Sasuke, but instead I'm saving you, so don't die!

Karin (weakly): Who are you? (adjusts her glasses which had been dislodged again) you!

Naruto: You know me?

Karin: I remember in the forest, Sasuke killed one of your clones. You know Sasuke!

Naruto: Of, of course I know Sasuke, he's my friend!

Karin (angrily): Then leave me, I won't be saved by anyone who friends with that.. that..

Naruto (calmly): I know Sasuke's change, but you've been with him, you can help us. I remember you too, from that clone. I know we can save him!

Karin (thinking): Maybe this guy isn't so bad still...(talking) I don't care, I don't care about.. about..

Naruto: That's not true, you do care. But it doesn't matter, (smiles) I'm not giving you a choice.

Naruto picks up Karin, she struggles.

Naruto (annoyed): Would you stop that? You might get injured even more, you're already in bad shape.

Karin: No!

Naruto: Fine.

Naruto knocks Karin out and runs off.

Naruto won't get to fight Sasuke, instead Kakashi takes him on!
Next Time: 484: Kakashi's Strength

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