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Re: One piece 574

Originally Posted by mashmas View Post
575 predictions

[spoiler]Status: PREDICTION
by: Zetsu-san

One Piece 575

ACE DIES... What’s Luffy’s next move?


Garp: (Tears running down his face) ACE! (Struggles to get out of Sengoku’s grip)
Sengoku: Garp! You know what’ll happen If you kill Sakazuki!! (Tightens his grip on Garp)
Garp: LUFFY RUUUUUUUUN!!!! (Thinking)I can’t lose two grandsons!

Luffy: (slams his fist down into the floor) GEAR SECOND! (A tear drops from Luffy’s face. Luffy wipes away the tear, with a fierce look in his eyes) YOUR GOING TO PAAAAAAAAY!!! (A burst of Haki is unleashed knocking several marines back)

Ivankov: Strawhat, don’t do it, get away!

Akainu: He paid the price for his criminal acts. That was justice! Now it’s your turn to face justice. (Akainu’s fist turns to magma)


Akainu: How pitif-

Luffy: JET PISTOL! (Hits Akainu straight in the chest, Akainu goes flying backwards)
Akainu: Shit! Haōshoku Haki!

Luffy: (Appears behind Akainu) JET BAZOOKA!

Akainu: (Flying back in the direction he originally came from) what speed!

Whitebeard: Boy... (He watches on, as well as the other pirates)

Kizaru: Oh-hohoho, Strawhat, You may be fast, but you can’t match me. (Kizaru flies in for a kick on Luffy)

Marco: Aren’t you forgetting someone? (Marco intercepts Kizaru’s kick (like Rayleigh did))

Kizaru: Oh, you again! (Smiles)

Luffy: GEAR THIRD! (Luffy enlarges his fist) GOMU GOMU NOOOOOO-

Akainu: (Gets up off the floor) DAI FUNKA! (Akainu swings at Luffy with his magma fist)

Luffy: GIGANT JET PISTOL! (His giant fist clashes with Akainu’s “Dai Funka”. Akainu is sent flying back and crashes into the HQ walls)

Pirates: WOAH! HE JUST BEAT ADMIRAL AKAINU!!! (They watch in pure amazement)

Buggy: (Thinking) WOAH!!! HOW DID STRAWHAT DO THAT!?

Luffy: *PANT* *PANT*(Luffy turns small from the effects of Gear Third)

Aokiji: *Sigh* What a nuisance... ICE TIME CAPSULE! (Aokiji sends a wave of Ice along the ground)

Whitebeard: Not so fast! (Whitebeard sends an earthquake which intercepts the ice)

Aokiji: I see... You won’t let us touch the boy? (Aokiji stares at Whitebeard)

Whitebeard: Damn right!

Aokiji: Ice Time Capsule! (Aokiji sends a massive wave of ice towards whitebeard)

Whitebeard: Gurararara! (Whitebeard blocks with several air quakes)

Luffy: *PANT* *PANT* (Luffy, still lying on the ground, changes back to normal size)

Aokiji: This is pointless... (Turns towards Luffy and runs towards him)

Whitebeard: Marco! (Thinking) Damn, I’m not fast enough. Damn It!

Aokiji: Strawhat Luffy, you are a threat to the world. You be executed here as well.

Garp: LUFFY!

Aokiji: Ice Time Capsule

Luffy: (The ice heads straight for Luffy) Damn! I can’t move.

Marco: (Flies in and kicks Aokiji away) He doesn’t die yet. (Marco then flies in pursuit of Aokiji)

Kizaru: Oh! But you left him right open! (Marco turns in shock as he sees Kizaru standing next to Luffy)

Aokiji: Ice Time (Aokiji freezes Marco)

Kizaru: (Kizaru holds his foot above Luffy; His foot is glowing with light) Goodbye, Strawhat, you’ll be seeing Ace very soon.

(As Kizaru lowers his foot to kill Luffy, his kick is redirected)

???: This seems familiar!?

Kizaru: OH! (Kizaru says surprised) I didn’t think I’d be seeing you again so soon, “Dark King”.

Luffy: Ray-san! (Suddenly two figures grab Luffy) Woah, what are you doing!?

Luffy: (A tear runs down Luffy’s face as he sees his crew standing around him) Zoro! Nami! Usopp! Sanji! Chopper! Robin! Franky! Brooke!

Zoro: Sorry, we’re late, Captain!

Luffy’s Nakama are back! What’ll happen now they join the war!
Holy shit I love this prediction better. That'd be a kickass way of reuniting with his crew after losing his brother.
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