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IS the music industry really Satanic?

So I was directed to this site by some random guy who finds this kind of stuff interesting. I admit I found it interesting from the view of it being another way to look at things. Like most logical people I find that hearing a different point of view is always of value, even if all the points made are utter rubbish. there is value in eliminating possible conclusions etc....

The conspiracy theory is not in my post so much as in the bloggers material. This guy makes some seriously outrageous claims, like Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z, are all satanists, as can be seen by their song lyrics, music videos and actions... Supposedly. It would seem that they have all been initiated into the 'fold' by the higher ups in the music industry, that basically say, accept the devil and you will be the biggest star and make tons of cash, but you have to incorporate his evil subliminal messaging into your lyrics and videos......

Now I have no problem with people coming up with theories like this, what I do have the problem with is that this guy bases most of his "Reviews" on certain assumptions and then rolls with it.
My personal favourite being the article on Rihanna's Umbrella.
Here is the link if you want to read it
Right in the beginning of his interpretation of the music video he states this:

The first thing that you need to know about the song’s lyrics is that Rihanna sings the whole song but she actually takes on two roles. During the first half of the song, she plays the role of an evil entity that is trying to seduce and possess Rihanna. For the purpose of this analysis we’ll call this entity the Devil. The second role she plays is herself. So the song is basically a dialog between the Devil and Rihanna. The video of the song makes this very clear and we’ll explain how later.
And the entire post, claims this to be about being evil trying to posses good, and winning. As you can see from this quote, he bases the whole review on the assumption that the first rihanna dressed in black is the devil. He even says the words, "For the purpose of this analysis" ummmmm, last time I checked, those words that preface an assumption.

This is a bit further in:
The we see Rihanna dressed in black and wearing a top-hat, a visual clue to represent the evil entity, which is masculine. The long, claw-like fingernails give a sense of a demonic, ungodly creature. When Rihanna starts singing, she moves in sexually seductive way to reflect the Devil’s attempt to seduce Rihanna. He wants to possess her not only mentally but physically also.
So now wearing a top hat is a visual clue to represent evil? And suddenly moving seductively with eye catching attire is evil? Exaggerated fingernails are now indicative of evil too. They could in no way be a slightly different spin on "Sex sells" could they? I mean artist are not meant to evolve their visual repertoire to keep things fresh and new are they?

He even goes so far as to say that the part of the music video where Rihanna is attempting to bat away the "water" is her actually defending herself against the devils semen?!
Then in the next scene she is covered in it ,"Silver like substance", and dances inside a pyramid apparently showing that she has been raped by the devil and is now dancing inside his penis. I mean have you ever heard of something so contrived? Bah!!!!

Anyway, im being a little facetious here.
The reason that I wanted to put this up here is to hear some other fairly logical views about this guy's stuff. Because 99% of the comments left on the blog seem to be from the fervent believers in evil being present in the western entertainment industry. Quite frankly it scares the crap out of me, knowing that there are so many of them that react like this is the only truth, even though they have the entire internet at their disposal. Then again they are the type that likes to be spoon fed instead of seeking out the information for themselves.

Is it just me thinking that this guy is clutching at straws, and hiding it behind what " would appear to be (on the surface)" a good knowledge of symbolism?

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