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Re: 485 predictions/spoilers

Here I go...

Sasuke with evil smile on his face

Sasuke: So you're here to, I was starting to wonder...

Naruto is watching Sasuke with angry face

Kakashi: I don't see Yamoto anywhere... Naruto you shouldn't come here, there is no other way, we have to do it... you saw what he was trying to do.

Sakura: Naruto... I'm sorry (and she's starts crying, nothing new (-_-, ))

Naruto is still looking at Sasuke

Sasuke: Aother fly to kill... Kakashi is right, you shouldn't come here (he activates sharingan) or maybe you want to die? (evil laugh)

Naruto is shocked

Sasuke thinking: Damn it! my eyesight is getting worse! I must rest before I go to Konoha...

Naruto: Why Sasuke?!... Why did you become like this?!

Sasuke: Why? Because I know the true!

Naruto: The true is you are manipulated by Madara! Can't you see?!

Sasuke: What I'm doing is what I want to do, and what I want is REVANGE! And I will not die till I KILL everyone in Konoha! (Sasuke in anger forms Sussano skeleton version, blood is flowing from the right eye, left eye is bleeding too but not so hard like left)

Naruto and Sakura jumps back.

Sasuke thinking: I must kill them fast!

Naruto is thinking about what Itachi told him and what he said to Itachi ( I will find a way to protect Konoha and Sasuke thing)

Naruto thinking: This cant be true! That's not Sasuke I know...

Kakashi: Watch out Naruto! Sasuke in this form is really dangerus and practically untouchable!

Naruto: Sasuke! Madara is manipulating you! Open your eyes Sasuke!

Sasuke: My eyes are open! They are open like never before! You will know this before the fight ends!

Sasuke in Sussano form starts running toward Naruto and Sakura.

Naruto is forming kage bunshin seal, clone appears and takes Sakura away from Naruto and Sasuke

Suddenly Naruto in Sage Mode jumps from the forest and trying to punch Sasuke from behind with frog katas!

Sasuke turns around and strikes him with Sussano fist, the smoke appears!

Sasuke is turning around and he see original Naruto in SM trying to hit him the same way like the clone second ago!

Sasuke takes hit and he fly few steps back.

Kakashi thinking: So he made clone in the forest before he rescue Sakura to gadder Natural Energy, not only that but he use him as a decoy and when he was destroyed he transfered NE to original Naruto who was already attacking Sasuke. Nice plan Naruto, too bad it was not very effective... but you don't want to kill him do you?

Sasuke: So you have some new techniques Naruto, too bad that's useless! I didn't feel a thing! Muahahaha! (evil laugh)

Sasuke starts coughing up blood, Sussano disappears

Sasuke Thinking: Damn! I don't have time! I have to end this quickly!

Blood is starting to flow from Sasuke's right eye

Kakashi: ! Watch out Naruto! Don't look into his eyes!

Sasuke: too late! (Sasuke use tsukuyomi on Naruto)

Inside Naruto head:

Naruto: !? where am I?! (Naruto can't move, he's paralyzed)

Sasuke: This is my world, and the last place you will see in your life! he try to stab him with sword but suddenly he's paralyzed just like Naruto!

???: Corection... this is my world... Sasuke.

Sasuke: ?!?!!, ITACHI?!!

Itachi appears!

The End ^^ next chapter "Itachi gift"

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