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One Piece 576 Spoilers (CONFIRMED)


Chapter 576: The Grand Pirate Edward Newgate

WB Commander: Pops!!!!
Blackbeard: Zehahahaha! Go forth, fellas! Shoot him full of holes!!
Whitebeard? Blackbeard?: One Pieace... really does exist!!!
Sengoku: ....!!! How dare you...!!!!!
Blackbeard: Zehahahahahaha!!
Whitebeard monologue: Forgive me my sons... I'm going to leave you behind with a horrible fool.... This is the end of the road for me...
You guys gave me everything.

Whitebeard flashback
Pirate: It doesn't make sense, a pirate who doesn't have any interest in treasures? What exactly is it that you want? Hey, Newgate!!
Young Newgate: There is one thing I always wanted ever since I was a child...
Pirate: oh, so you DO have something you want!! Tell us, man!
Newgate: ..... family.
Pirate: What the hell? Gyahahahaha!!!

Whitebeard: You have my gratitude.... farewell, my sons...!!

Vasco: hm?
Blackbeard: he's.... he's dead!! And still standing!!
WB Commander: Pops....!!!

Narrator: "Whitebeard" is dead!!

Even in death, Whitebeard's body never caves in.
Even with half of his head gone, he still destroys his enemies.
His statue could only be described as a "monster".

The number of sword wound he recieved in this battle... 267 slashes.
The number of gun shot wound he recieved in this battle... 152 shots.
The number of cannon blast he recieved in this battle... 46.

Yet all you could see in his proud back... or shall we say, his life as a pirate....
Not a single wound from fleeing could be seen!!!
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