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Re: PLEASE translate this Czech song!

Originally Posted by Beikoku Rikujin View Post
It is by a Czech band called "Skwor" with a funny arrow over the "S". What does it mean????!!!!!!
Lol dude this is funny. I know its really long time since you posted it, but I couldnt help myself. So I try to help you or die trying =)

First thing about that S with funny arrow over it "Š" Btw that funny arrow is more known like "diacritical mark" and how its pronounced .. probably the first thing I can think of is, when you try to say S in this word "sure" So something like that =) Btw in czech alphabet is more those funny things like Š (English has only 26 letters, these 26 are only basic letters in czech, full known czech alphabet have 42 letters) Funny isnt it? =)

Second thing is this song, you probably already red what does it "mean". (Satiric song about americans and americas way of doing things and also how its stupid. I must agree, its stupid like any other song)
So I try to translate it, but my english is pretty lame and translating song make it even worst.
Translation is in your quote.

Originally Posted by Beikoku Rikujin View Post
Chceme stárnout s Amerikou ----------> We wanna grow old with America
Můžeš bejt úžasnej ----------> You can be awesome
Chceme stárnout s Amerikou ----------> We wanna grow old with America
Každej člověk po tom touž*---------->Thats everybodys desire

Voni nedostižný sou----------> They are incomparable
Pro ně slunce vycház*----------> Sun is rising for them
Problémy jsou pro ně hrou---------->Problems are just winned game ....
vyhranou---------->... for them
A tak světem procházej----------> And so they walk thru world
Ani jeden nen* zlej----------> Not even one is bad
Vtip a úsměv je prováz*---------->(*Wordly*) Jokes and smiles are going alone with them
........................................ ......^

Chceme stárnout....----------> We wanna grow old .....

Každýmu hned pomůžou----------> They will help to everyone
Aby všechno bylo fér----------> So everything can be fair
Aby život mohli m*t---------->So their life can be just
libovej----------> great
Budou pokračovat dál----------> They are going to continue
Dokud budou lidi zl*----------> Till bad people exist
Chcem se s nima taky smát----------> We want to laught with them too
Bude l*p----------> Its going to be better

Chceme stárnout....----------> We wanna grow old .....

Ameriko----------> America
Každej člověk po tom touž*----------> Thats everybodys desire (Or maybe this suits more for this last line "You are everybody desire)

"Škwor" actually doesnt mean anything in czech, but its only because band switch "V" for "W" (just for fun) so the right word is "Škvor" and it means "earwig" (yes that ugly bug). But either way, czech people understand what they meant and know how desperately they want to look cool =)

Btw for narutochan ... Stop using translator, czech language is a bit complicated than english. So translators can never find true meaning.

And thats all folks


Im done

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