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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Accepting Death

(The Scene switches over to the battle held between Team Konoha and Marine squad... The panel focuses on Yuki impaling Dolphin with a Chidori through the heart.)

Yuki: Sorry girl, I don't mean to be a bad bitch, but... (Yuki viciously withdraws chidori from Dolphin, as Dolphin vomits blood and falls to the ground... From afar, Yuki can hear the cries of Shark morning his sister's death.)

Shark's cries: DOLPHINNNNNN! (The scene switches over to Shark... A tear runs down his face as he turns his head left, towards the scene of his sister's death.)

Shark: ARAHRAHARHARAH! (Immediately, Shun catches Shark off guard with one of his circular blades by swinging it horizontally near Shark's head... As soon as Shark turns his head to face Shun's blade, Shark weaves out of the way and then cartwheels out of focus and rushes to his sister's aid.)


(While Shark is rushing to Dolphin's corpse.)

Yuki: GOT IT! (Shark lands and grabs his sister's corpse much to the shock of Shun and Yuki... Instead of attacking Yuki, Shark rushes off in another direction... Meanwhile, Shun regroups with Yuki.)

Shun: Nice one! Looks like you got her...

Yuki: That hulking guy was more focussed on gathering up her corpse...

Shun: He's most certainly heated... He's the kind of brute that's easily excited and ruled by his emotions... Things could get dangerous if we aren't careful, but at the same time, a person ruled by his emotions in the heat of battle are blinded with aggression and tends to overlook the situation... Plus, given that it's two on one, we should be able to take him out.

Yuki: Our boy Dosa has his hands full with Orca, I hope he's watching his ass out there...

(Shun touches Yuki's shoulder.)

Shun: Emotions shouldn't interfere in the way of battle... That's one of the iron rules of the shinobi... I know he's your significant other, but he is Dosa, the Reaper, one of The Hokage's direct disciples... He can handle himself...

Yuki: When did you become such a smart ass?

Shun: Hah!

(Yuki and Shun chases after Shark. The scene switches over to a nearby location... Dosa is standing in the middle of a battle torn area... Dosa is not holding his scythe [it must have been lost somewhere during their battle] immediately, Orca is behind Dosa and has a Kunai placed in front of Dosa's neck.)

Dosa: Nah ah! (Dosa quickly grabs Orca's arm and redirects the Kunai by twisting Orca's arm and pointing it back at Orca by doing an amazingly impressive reverse maneuver. Now Dosa is facing Orca while Orca's arm with the Kunai, is pointed at Orca's face.)

Orca: You saw through my Silent Homicide Technique with such ease... You aren't the same man who was nearly wasted four years ago...

Dosa: Tsk, tsk, tsk... You must not know shit about me eh? I'm call the Reaper because I silently and swiftly behead my opponents before a sound is even heard by their allies... Silly you, I know all about that sneaky, stealth, killing Of course that mess you tried to pull over me wouldn't work... I know all of the submissions for escaping, or applying the pressure...

(Orca smiles and his mouth fills up with water... Dosa catches on, so he lets Orca go... Orca tosses the Kunai at Dosa, as Dosa backs away, so Dosa pulls out a kunai and tosses it at the approaching Kunai, which knocks both Kunai out of the way... Immediately, Orca spews out a long, twisting, 8in circumference, drilling like shape manipulation of water that attempts the skewer Dosa once it leaves Orca's mouth...)

Dosa (in thought): Fuck! That's some freaky shape manipulation... (Dosa somehow manages to position his body out of the way however, it pierces through Dosa's right shoulder, leaving a huge hole in it... Dosa falls to his knees and grips his shoulder in pain...)

Dosa: Ahhh! DAMN! That's some SUITON FOOL!

Orca: I call that Diamond cutter... It's an S-Ranked Suiton that can even pierce A-Rank Doton Ninjutsu... The shape manipulation is employed in the jutsu is immense... The speed of the attack is also due to how I shaped it... How do you like it? I have to distract my opponent before I fire the attack... If it misses, too much of a waste would be imposed on me... Sorry... I usually don't brag like this... But it's a rarity that I can get off a technique such as that... Forgive my manners... I usually don't look this cool in front of strong adversaries such as yourself...

Dosa (in thought): The pig's just gloating at me? Who the hell does he think he is?

(Immediately a load, roaring voice can be heard.)

Shark: BROO! BROO! (Shark appears carrying dead Dolphin in his arms... He lands to the side of the kneeing Dosa and the modest Orca.)

Orca: How did this?... Damn!

Dosa: Yes, looks like we got us a dead fish... HA!


Orca: You're letting your feelings get the better of you... Dosa is my prey... Besides, you just ran with her corpse! Do you realize how stupid that is? Dolphin died on the battlefield... Carrying her corpse while being chased by the others isn't wise because it lowers yours defensive capabilities... I thought I taught you not to get hot headed and ignore the situation...


Dosa (in thought): Internal strife, great... If my shoulder wasn't shot to high-hell I would seize this opportunity...

(Immediately a loud cry can be heard.)

Yuki: DOSA!

(Shun and Yuki land in back of Dosa and quickly approaches him.)

Shun (in thought): Injured again?

Yuki: Dosa, are you ok...

(Dosa stands up and nudges his injured shoulder.)

Dosa: I'll live... And guys... I didn't need your help...

Yuki: DAMN YOU! Always swinging your life away... Next time we won't stop you DOSA!

Shun: YUKI!

Orca (in thought): I sense a little tension between them...

Dosa: I still had one last trick... I didn't use Uzumaki Sensei's blood to summon the Toad boss! See, I had it all planned out...

Yuki: Hmph!

(Immediately, Kimiko and Kakuya appear near Shark.)

Dosa (in thought): Those bitches!

Kakuya: Still alive and kickin huh Konoha's Reaper... I was certain I stopped your heart a few years ago...

Dosa: I will have revenge on you yet, filthy skank!

Shun: Dosa, it's not wise to start fights in your condition... Besides, we're outnumbered... (Kimiko activates Byakugan and looks at Dolphin's corpse.)

Kimiko: Umm... Sis... Dolphin is dead...

Kakuya: That twit? I don't give a fly...


Orca: CALM DOWN! They are our superiors! They must be here for a reason...

Kakuya: Finally, a man with a brain... Yes, Reika-sama is fatally injured, our boss wants us to return just for precaution... (Everyone is shocked upon hearing that.)

Orca (in thought): Impossible...

Shark: WHAT!?

Dosa: Woah... The crock defeated like that?

Yuki: WHo could've done such a thing...

Shun: Must be a monster...

Kakuya: Don't act dumb KONO-HAAAH! We know your Hokage sent the Aerial Hatchet! You all think you're all so slick...

Dosa: Even now... I'm just a witness to his-...

Yuki: That man's a brute...

Shun (in thought): Wait a minute... That lady with the sharingan said injured Reika... SO what happened to Hiro?

Orca: Konoha still seems strong despite what they face... But our great Lady! This isn't good for us...

Shark: *Growl*...

Kakuya: *chuckles*... (Everyone is shocked.)

Orca: Explain your demeanor!

Shun: It's as I feared... (Shun falls to his knees and holds his head with both of his hands.)

Dosa: What's so fuckin serious!?

(Shark starts to crack a smile as well.)

Shark: Oh, so that's how it is? Bro, for once you failed to pick up on the situation.

Yuki: What happened.

Kakuya: I said Reika was seriously injured, but not dead... If Reika survived, what does that mean for your precious Shimizu Hiro?

(Dosa has an frightened look on his face. He then falls over and starts to shiver.)

Dosa: You don't mean... NO! IT CAN't! NOT A GUY LIKE HIM!?

Yuki: Is this for real?

(Shun has a horrified look on his face.)

Kimiko: Umm, we should go... I don't like these kinds of things...

Kakuya: Sheesh... Your such a cunt sis... But yes, Dream needs us... We should go... As much as I like to savor their misery, I don't want to keep our master waiting...

Orca: Shark, it looks like we don't need to take direct vengeance on them... Konoha has just lost on of their precious jewels...

Shark: *Evil grin* Yeah, ha, ha! Irony's a bitch! (Shark [while carrying Dolphin], Orca, Kimiko, and Kakuya, dashes off. Dosa is still curled up in a ball shaking unreasonably... Yuki falls to her knees, crawls over to Dosa and touches his back.)

Yuki: I'm sorr-...

Dosa: DON'T TOUCH ME! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! (Yuki backs off. Shun still looks shaken up as well.)

Shun: It's not possible... He couldn't lose...

(Close up on Dosa's face shows that he's crying in both eyes... Dosa has a mental image of him and Hiro as teenagers holding each other up after one of their sparing sessions.)

Next Time: With the mighty Aerial Hatchet's death being spread across the torn and worn battle fields, how with the shinobi, ally, or enemy, respond to this iconic's unfortunate passing...
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