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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Trust me if naruto in SM can only use the tech twice then a clone with NO SAGE OR FOX CHAKRA and only 1/3 of naruto's chakra wouldn't stand a chance of being able to do it.
That is a speculation still, but I think Naruto could do it with one third of his chakra, he has a lot of chakra. Plus I think Naruto made several clones and then the rasenshuriken against Kakuzu. Now, when he made those clones he should have distributed his chakra evenly so each body had the access to a portion of chakra. BUT rasenshuriken is made by couple of clones so they each contribute to making it.

Here's a thought, when Naruto went kyuubi one time, every clone felt the effects of the kyubi chakra so that means that kyubi chakra goes to the clones as well but they dispersed for some reason. If Naruto could access kyubi chakra and take as much as he needs then he could in theory make more clones than he already can. Maybe Kishimoto will have to draw a million clones in the future.
The great off panel war has begun...also called the war of one panel because most fights started and ended in one panel.

Also Kin and Gin as substitute for kyuubi chakra (the greatest amount of chakra in Naruto world) is something Kishi pulled out of his ass. I lost major respect. It would be like near the end of LOTR there happens to be another slightly weaker ring and Sauron is like "that will do". It kind of shits on everything established up to that point. It kind of insults my intelligence.
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