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Re: 487 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
To lighten the mood, i made a spoof prediction (still thinking about what to write for the real prediction)

Spoof Prediction

Sasuke: Yes, I know my name’s Sasuke…
Naruto: I don’t care what you say, I just want to be with you, because I lov- errr, I care a lot about you!
Madara: Don’t be silly, everyone knows that you want his mayonnaise more eagerly than KYF and True-Uchiha together! Now, Sasuke, to the Uchihamobile! (disappears with Sasuke)
Naruto: Now what I am supposed to do.
Kakashi: Hummm, Naruto… (points to White Zetsu)
Naruto: Do I have to? I mean, he’s butt-naked! The only butt-naked guy I want to wrestle with is with Sasuke, with lots and lots of lu-
Kakashi: Shut up and fight, before Sakura dies from lack of blood!
Sakura: (having a nosebleed while staring at White Zetsu) Me want…
White Zetsu: Back off, filthy fangirl! (Sakura hisses) Now I’ll show you I’m not fodder! (everyone starts to laugh histerically)
Kakashi: Oh my God, that’s rich!
Karin: Even I think you’re fodder!
White Zetsu: You guys are so mean… (Sai, Kiba and Lee appear) More Konoha nin?
Sai: You’re weak, why are you so weak, white blob? Because you lack… penis.
White Zetsu: (starts crying) It’s true… it’s all true! (runs away crying)
Sai: Well, that took care of him.
Naruto: Wow, I never thought that I’d be happy to hear another penis joke again… but to the more important stuff, let’s go after Sasuke!
Kakashi: Naruto, stop thinking about Sasuke!
Kakashi: (sighs) Why do I even bother

(Madara and Sasuke are in a tank)
Sasuke: Why are we riding a tank?
Madara: Why shouldn’t we be on a tank?! Now to cheer up the voyage… (starts singing) Na na na na na na na na, Batman! Na na na na na na na na na, Batman!
Sasuke: Now you’re singing Batman’s old theme?
Madara: I love Batman!
Sasuke: Now I understand the Mugen Tsukuyomi plan… so, where are we headed to?
Madara: Amegakure! I’m going to fetch me some Rinnegan!
Sasuke: I want some Rinnegan too, can I have, can I, papi?
Madara: Hey, know your place, b*tch! Just for that, I’ll put on my “Torture Mix” on the CD player. (presses on the CD button)
Sasuke “Torture Mix?” What the hell is th-
Speakers: MY HANDS! Don’t want to start again, MY HANDS! No, they don’t want to understand, MY HANDS!
Sasuke: Turn it off, turn it off!!!
Madara: Only when “I can transform ya” stops playing… and that’s the last track of the mix!

(Zetsu arrives to Kisame’s location, rejoined)
White Zetsu: Oh, he’s already dead, Madara won’t like this…
Dark Zetsu: But there’s a plus on his death.
White Zetsu: There is?
Dark Zetsu: Of course, free sushi! Dig in!
White Zetsu: Yay! (notices Samehada is missing) Hey, where’s his sword?
Dark Zetsu: Who cares, maybe the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki took it. (starts to eat Kisame’s head) Yummy!

(Sasuke and Madara reach Nagato’s tomb, Konan is there, nervous)
Konan: Madara, what are you doing here?
Sasuke: Are you hearing voices? It sounds like a woman…
Madara: I heard that too, maybe it’s the rain…
Konan: Answer me!
Madara: See?! I told you, it’s the rain.
Konan: Are you ignoring me?
Madara: Now, let’s defile this tomb while nobody watches!
Konan: Guys, I’m right over here…
Sasuke: The rain seems intense…
Madara: (opens Nagato’s casket) A step away from absolute power, muhahahaha!!!
Mysterious Voice: Not so fast, lollypop face!
Madara: I know this voice!
Sasuke: Who’s there?!
Konan: I am!
Mysterious Voice: Run, Uchichas, before you’re well done, because the ultimate collector of swords, trinkets and junk nobody cares about, the one, only and truly (comes out of the shadows) Gilgamesh!
Sasuke: Gilga-who?
Madara: Hey, you’re that guy that I fought with to grab the Kyuubi to attack Kono- (Sasuke looks shocked at Madara) errr… you’re that guy!
Gilgamesh: Yes, it is I who almost defeated you with my extra special Excalibur, but fate decided that the sword wouldn’t be your deathbringer!
Madara: (whispers) He used Excalipoor, 1 HP damage.
Sasuke: (whispers) At least it does more damage then you in the entire manga.
Madara: Why, you little…! (strangles Sasuke)
Sasuke: I’m kidding!
Gilgamesh: Now is no time for fooling around, hand me the Rinnegan!
Konan: I won’t let you!
Madara: Never!
Gilgamesh: Then I don’t have no choice but to use… (takes a sword out of his back)
Madara: (in sarcastic tone) Oh no, the Excalibur. Wah, wah, I’m so afraid, yadda yadda, you know the rest.
Gilgamesh: (wields Samehada) Swordfish!
Madara: Oh crap! Bye, Sasuke! (disappears in a vortex)
Sasuke: Oh no, he didn’t! No matter, the power of emo conquers all!
Gilgamesh: Emo? On a second thought… (pulls Zantetsuken out) Hasta la vista, baby! (Sasuke dies) Now the Rinnegan is mine, all mine!
Konan: Doesn’t anybody listen to me?! (kicks Gilgamesh in the groin)
Gilgamesh: Curses, my plans were foiled again, now by an unseen ghost!
Konan: I knew it, kunoichis do win battles! (Naruto and his crew arrives)
Naruto: What happened here? (notices Sasuke is dead) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Kakashi: (facepalms) Oh God, please don’t let-
Naruto: My life has no meaning anymore!!!! (stabs himself with Zantetsuken) SASUUUUUUUUK-(gurgles while dying)
Konan: Nobody cares about Nagato corpse’s near defilement?! That’s it, I’m out of this manga!
Kakashi: Right behind you, sister.
Kiba: I’m going too.
Lee: Same.
Sai: My thoughts exactly.
Sakura: (standing alone) Hey, guys, where are you going? Guys? Meh, this is still better than Bleach.
ha ha ROTFL!
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