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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Najiro View Post
just to add something to that. The kage bunshin was holding the RS, even if it was only a diversion of the fake diversion

Their discussion is about a clone being able to make the FR/RS with/ or without Kyuubi/SM, and I think it also includes if the clone can use it or just hold it.

Originally Posted by stubborn_d0nkey View Post
Didn't naruto come there straight from training? that’s why he needed the kyuubi (maybe i am wrong about that). Sorry about that, i was sleep deprived and not thinking right. I may be wrong.
Yes he did, and Kakuzu even had a comment on how Naruto looked. (<?) I agree with this comment because Naruto would have needed the extra chakra right after his training to perform the FR.

I just want to add that it has been proven that a clone can make/maintain the FR but my opinion is that the clone cannot execute the jutsu because the damage that is inflicted onto the user when it is used.

Here is the main point> Holding/making are completely different from using/executing. Once he tries to push it into Kakuzu he starts taking damage and I don't think a clone could hold out long enough to fully execute the jutsu.

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