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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Philosophy students smoke too much pot to understand anything. "Reality is like, this uh, orb, man. It keeps pulsating an we are in the middle of it trying to fight the, uh, pulsating. We have to beat the system, uh, man. We're in a matrix, uh, man."

But of course, that comes nowhere near to what I experienced today. We were told to write down our positions on St. Augustine's theology (original sin, sacramental grace, purgatory, authority of scripture, the trinity, just war). So I wrote, "I disagree with everything this man said, especially original sin, except for just war. A just war is when a legitimate threat (aka. Nazis) is completely eliminated." In other words, I believe that it is okay to hurt civilians if they are in the way because our government should be protecting us.

So then this kid starts asking me why I don't believe in something simple like the trinity. Of course, I try to conceal my atheism a bit so I just bullshit it and say, "Well, does it really mean that much to say Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God are all God, but not the same?" Then I just RAGED and said, "Hey, you know we could split God up into 6 different people, and I would be right because I have faith in it." Of course, the kid starts arguing back at me. The lunch bell rings and I just zip out of the room to go eat.
"Nature loves to be hidden."

- Heraclitus
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