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Re: interesting madara/tobi opinion

Originally Posted by superninja View Post
..... but I don't think the main bad guy is crazy that way because he wouldn't be able to plan that well and he always seem on top of his game.
that is one of the most naive comments. you do know some of the smartest people are or were crazy at their best moments? mentally ill does not mean they are all dumb. some can be prodigys in their own right most commonly arts and music. however the "real crazys" also have been known to be tactical too. look at hitler granted he was merely manic bipolar and paranoid he brought a nation from ruins to become a great superpower (granted his extreme paranoia got played against him to destroy the great nation but...)

a good american example is the true story movie a beautiful mind.

another good example is the yu yu hakusho reference. even deathnote can be used as a great example. the smartest and crazyiest often go hand and hand... well when making good stories.
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