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Re: interesting madara/tobi opinion

Originally Posted by Dstrukd View Post
its not like the personalities are oblivious to eachother's thoughts and actions O_O

in yuyu hakusho the bad guy completed something that takes 50 years of mental training to do in 8 years due to his split personalities splitting up the work between 7 of them
I didn't watch Yuyu, but in some other movies and series the personalities don't know about each other or they don't know what the other personality does so I was going by that.
If the two personalities know all about each other and are willing to cooperate then I say ok.
The great off panel war has begun...also called the war of one panel because most fights started and ended in one panel.

Also Kin and Gin as substitute for kyuubi chakra (the greatest amount of chakra in Naruto world) is something Kishi pulled out of his ass. I lost major respect. It would be like near the end of LOTR there happens to be another slightly weaker ring and Sauron is like "that will do". It kind of shits on everything established up to that point. It kind of insults my intelligence.
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