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Re: The Worst Combination

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I agree with RNB's statement in response to the second dumbshit mudhutter quote completely. Well said.

However, I still fail to see how straight-up altruism, or selflessness, is illogical though. And I'm half-decent at logic shit. Like, if some dude was like "Yo, I don't believe in evolution lololol" I'd say he's being illogical. But if some dude is like "Yo, I try to do selfless shit whenever I get the chance" I can't see how I could say "ha, you're stupid!" Even though I'd probably want to, because I'm a dick like that.

Now, if we're just saying that the ethical theory of moral altruism isn't the most rational moral theory or whatever, then okay. I would go with that. Because I can't think of any logically correct argument to support the claim that we all should live for the sake of others. So if that's what is meant with the whole "Altruism = stupid" thing, then sure.

Then again, any form of egoism that is more than simply "Do whatever the fuck you feel like doing, but keep in mind that there might be consequences" probably is grasping for straws in the logical argumentation department on most of it's shit too.
When I will have more time I will resume the altruism debate thread we had. Arguing against altruism is a lot more challenging, (though rewarding), than arguing against religion, which is relatively easy to argue against.
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