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Re: bleach 396

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Aizen fucked up by fusing with the Hougyoku.

Hougyoku was created by Urahara. This same man who divised a way to not only implant it into a soul but also created a method of removing it. For all Aizen knows there can be a method of self destruction with Hougyoku inside of a soul that even he isn't aware of. Fusing with that thing will be his undoing. I'm also inclined to believe that Aizen won't be the final villain now more than ever. He's gona die real soon.
He's not dying he is the final villain this chapter confirmed it. But you did basically repeat what I said earlier this week, that yes Fusing with the Hokyoku will be his downfall in the end.. Ichigow ill not beat him EVER he will die because of the Hokyoku that shit will kill him.

Honestly this is the opening i was talking about that kubo will do because logically speaking he just survived the most bad ass technique seen to date of course he took damage that shit charred his arm and his right side in gneeral got fucked up from it...

Ichigo is pure fail even with an opening and a GT in hollow form he managed to SCRATCHED AIZEN roflll" I wounded you" lmao.

Also I already said that Aizen prob knows everything about ichigo since the first time he knew which gate they entered from and that Kisuke had an underground room...

Oh yes Aizen is now Goku by just touching energy he can see the events kind of like goku read krillins mind on namek lmfao...

Chapter was good by the way old man dies aizen stands aizen officially owns all now.

edit: why it hink ichigo won't beat aizene ven though he is the main character because idk it'd look really fucking stupid he still hasn't even gotten serious and took some damage from the strongest shinigami. why the hell would any author allow ichigo to win aizen still has all his unseen powers plus his bankai.. I think this hokyoku shit is the way out.. but we'll see this is just my opinion maybe ichigo will beat him while the hokyou fucks his body up making him weaker. there's gotta be something that nullfies aizen's powers for ichigo because at 100% i just sdon't see it.. it's like naruto or anyone fighting pain at his 100% lmao it just won't happen.

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