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Re: bleach 396

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Ummm dude Ichigo almost cut Aizen into two pieces starting from his shoulder WTF are you talking about a simple scratch?
He cut him on the shoulder the shit on his torso is from Yama's kido its the same cracks like on yama's arm look again the first panel is yama's arm burned and cracked same thing on aizen's torso ichigo just cut his shoulder well scratched lmfao .
Ichigo is the key & Aizen is not the final villain. Aizen still has yet to make that personal connection to Ichigo unless he says I'm your brother or uncle I still fail to see that personal connection to the main hero that is required for a worthy final villain. Aizen just pulled his ace & basically showed his hand to early. Ichigo hasn't even used his resurrection this fight.
Dude get over it already Im sorry man no disrespect, but Kubo has already stated that Aizen is his favortie character, and he said neither Aizen's nor gin's bankai will be revealed this arc so yes he is the final villain kubo won't kill off aizen after 400 chapters just to introduce someone new lmfaoo even the the most retarded writer out there wouldn't do something like this..

Aizen hasn't shown anything his full power remains to be seen what has he done this chapter other then slay captains with 1 swing lmao and have yama kill himself with his own techniques first RJ then number 96. other then that aizen has done nothing remotely close to his full power. He's not dying so get over it he;s the final villain he'll die in the end And I agree with you it'll be thanks to the Hokyoku mostly for his death. Anything that can't be destroyed by its own creator is not to be fucked with like this. We still have yet to see what he did to orihime.

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