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Re: The Worst Combination

Originally Posted by tom_servo View Post
I agree with most of your post (I think your view of altruism is slightly skewed). However, I want to address this small snippet. A case could be made about the relationship between Stalin's actions, and atheism. However, I don't think it would hold much water. Stalin, to my knowledge, never conducted any of the purges under the banner of atheism. Rather, it is a testament to dogmatism at it's worst. Stalin's status as an atheist just happens to be circumstantial. I'm paraphrasing this from a favorite author of mine, Dawkins btw.
It was the result of irrational dogmatism. I think there are certainly things that we should be dogmatic about, like the fact that a blender is a blender and that forcing people to believe what you believe is wrong. I just think that Stalin's philosophy, which did not recognize the individual as an end to himself, had no problem with saying that (as the leader of the collective) he should be able to dispose of them as he pleases. That dogmatism about an irrational belief led to the Purges.

I don't think a case can be made against atheism based on the Purges. You can't say that the disbelief in God was the root of the Purges. There are tons of atheists who have not come to that conclusion. I mean, the term atheist leaves things pretty open.

Of course.

Everyone deserves the freedom to be hated just as much as everyone else.
It is still retarded though.

It wouldn't really be hypocritical.

But it would be pretty faggy.
And agnostics are stupid.
I can't agree with these enough.

f that happen,I'd make a sistine chapel painting of all the OH and the FTP members,Along with Northern gods.
There is a certain point where you go way too far and actually start choking yourself. It would probably best to back off a bit.
"Nature loves to be hidden."

- Heraclitus

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