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I know were I'm getting my viruses. I might have a crap computer but I got good viruses finding stuff and it tells me were there comeing from and it says BT so and so fand in which file the viruses is in ((yes I'm stupid to buy this crap to)) and I'v done a lot of BT download at less over 1000 and then I put my anime on to DVDS thoes stupid BT viruses get onto the DVD disks so my dads DVD player is messed up ((BT viruses suck))
I'v stoped useing BT tho
and what the hell is Kazza, Edonkey, and Imesh I use to go to download anime and stuff (who do you think I am))
plus 3 of my friends got caught downloading because of BT its easyer to get caught useing BT and in CA one of my friends said 24 of her friends got caught useing BT my friend was almost fined like a lot of money (like this would make a kid look rich and not just 25 cents)) but she had bought the DVDS when they came out and never saves her downloads
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