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Re: bleach 396

Originally Posted by Ogihci View Post
No such thing as a natural Vizard. Vizards are the name of the group of shinigami that were created by Aizen. He's a natural arrancar. There are cases of that happening to both normal hollows and normal shinigami.
Um, no.

A Vizard is a Shinigami that has gained Hollow powers. Aizen forced this upon several members of the Soul Society. However, Ichigo acquired it naturally in a forced method to become a Shinigami.

An Arrancar is a Hollow that removes it's mask to gain powers similiar to Shinigami.

The major difference is that Arrancar ALWAYS have their abilities activated, but a Vizard has to put on his mask and it can be shattered by his opponent to end the transformation.

Ichigo is a Vizard, not an Arrancar.
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