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Re: bleach 396

i forgot all about orhahime's ability...anyway... that makes it even more hard to believe the manga is at it's climax right now. you have gin, orahime, urahara, and the black cat chic left. it would be good story telling if urahara showed up and explained more about hollowfication and that rock aizen has in his chest since he created it. 2, like someone else said, orahime could reject the rock in aizen's chest, and make it as if it was never there.

So that's the end of the manga!! we've figured it out by ourselves. kubo will let ichigo get his ass beat for 15 chapters and orahime will cry "ichigo don't get hurt anymore, dont die" and he will get up with one leg and arm left and inch his way over to an unscratched aizen. orahime will reject the stone and ichigo will say "sorry i can't afford to lose anymore limbs" (literally) and slash aizen one time and kill him.
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