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Re: bleach 396

Originally Posted by markus601 View Post
I understand the statement, but i don't agree with it. I was also being sarcastic, but since you wanna get technical. Your post is only talking about healing. So you assume that she cannot reject the stone or whatever its properly named from aizens chest. What was stated in the entire manga and not that one picture you posted was talking about reverse healing not reversing objects. At this point all you can do is assume that she can't reverse the stone since you have no solid evidence stating she cannot. Now you are correct in saying she cannot heal the old man assuming she hasn't gotten any stronger. Given that it's a manga she could get stronger out the blue. the passage was referring to her current level of power at the time. Even if what you are saying applies to any and everything with more power than orahime, the passage you choose does not support your claim that she cannot reject objects such as the stone in aizen's chest. So what part of the manga article dont you understand?

You should stop reading the manga and start from the beginning her ability ISN'T "HEALING" I just called it that in reality her ability is to reject and event when she heals she's not really healing she's just rejecting the event that led to it.

this is explained about her power, meaning no she cannot reject shit thats on a higher level then her...

you get it now. her ability isn't healing its rejecting an event i call it healing cause im use to it and i like to confuse and troll newbs lol.
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