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Originally Posted by Myth View Post
Ur point doesn;t stand unless she gets stronger... kid and even so ur talking strong like ichigo yama and aizen ur out of ur mind if u think she will get to that level...

Im sure she can still reverse minor damage but when the deal comes to life and death as ulqiorra stated she can't do shit with her level of power... but i wouldn't worry about it since kubo always trolls.

edit: she can reverse minor damage and shit like cuts gashes but life and death are on a whole other level, and kubo won't let her play with that he already did once and saw how retarded it would make his manga thats why he wrote it in that she has to be on someone's level in order to reverse death or say reject existence.

this will never happen because as i explained the manga would have no point since she would therotically be ale to restore everything at anytime and well yeah the editor won't let kubo do this.
I understand and I agree with you when you are talking about bringing someone back from the dead. if you look at the post you would see we are on the same line of reasoning when it comes to death. Like you yourself said in another post. the insertion of the stone in aizen's chest will be his downfall. Im making a prediction on one of the many ways it could play out. As I stated, if we take into consideration that orahime cannot use her rejection technique on those stronger than her, then reviving someone like aizen, old man, ichigo,etc, is impossible unless she is on their current level of power. The manga has shown that she can heal ppl of this level, but that's besides the point. it's not farfetched to say she can use her rejection tech to remove the stone aizen inserted in his chest. in all honesty i think her removing the stone or depowering the stone would be better than urahara popping up saying he created a fail safe just in case aizen were to implant it in himself, and blowing him up or crippling him in some way. orahime has the ability to remove the stone and put ichigo and aizen on equal fighting grounds so instead of you getting a fight were aizen is crippled because of a fail safe you get a fair fight were ppl can't yell plot no jutsu.
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