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Originally Posted by YamataSenshu View Post
some of you guys are saying that aizen wil die cause he merged with the hogyoku and other things that are to be spected just becuase thats how anime is and what now, well i disagree, after 400 chapters i dont think that kubo will kill the main villan in the way that "you guys" are specting, bleach manga is the best manga i have ever read well naruto is in a tied when it comes to manga, anyways he will not end bleach with such a simple end, aizen is not gonna die cause of a misscalculation of his, IS AIZEN lol, if Hurahara could do something about the hogyoku he would have done it already, and besides did you guys forget about aizen's goal? to go to were the KING of soul society is and kill him, i am pretty sure that we are gonna get to see this king and were he is, cause if we dont then bleach is gonna suck, yay ichigo gets angry and wins, thats not a proper ending for bleach, back to the king, this guy lives in a separete dimension and is guarded by beings who rank above captains and such, i dont care how powerfull aizen is, something wil happen when he makes the key and goes to kill the king, is not gonna be as easy as going there and one slash kill the king, i am hoping thats how bleach turns out, will alot of people of inocent people die in the making of the key? yes but is better than having ichigo going super hollow and killing aizen. I want bleach to be epic, and not anotehr anime that ends when the 16 year old highschool boy goes super saiyan and kills the bad guy.

After reading through the wall of text, terrible grammar, and terrible spelling and taking your post seriously. I have come to the conclusion that you need to reread bleach again. Most of the fights in Bleach involves someone getting emotional somehow and winning, which is pretty much the main theme of bleach.

Secondly for all you know the king could be a baby so to assume the king is a badass is inaccurate.

None of us know how powerful the king's guards or Squad 0 is, so to assume Aizen would have a hard time is also inaccurate. Especially since Aizen hasn't even shown his true power and hasn't fought at 100% this whole time.

Bleach is the best manga ever..rofl..and naruto is need to branch out and read more.

Bleach follows the basic rules of anime rofl. It is definately no code geass. And seeing how Ichigo is the main character of the story. I am sure it will end with the 16 year old high school boy winning.

Now you do not know that Urahara hasn't developed a way to do something about that pesky hyogoku. Oh and there's been hints that Urahara will show up and he never shows up empty handed. Check the new post Myth made about Kubo's interview. The revealing pic showing shinji, aizen and urahara. (Not revealing in a perverted way : P.)

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